Mother & Daughter Bonding – Kooky time!

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Eabha has recently started a new crèche as some of you recently read, and she is still getting used to the ‘newness’ of the experience. Each morning she want’s me to stay and “mind me” but obviously I have to go and do my jobs that couldn’t possibly get done with a busy 3.5year old glued to my hip. I have been taking care to reassure Eabha that I will be back to collect her everyday and trying to spend a little QT with her and make her adjust a little easier.

And then I met Sophie Morris – the lovely and bubbly creator of Kooky Dough. A pre made Kooky Dough, pretty much what it says on the tin! You can purchase a box of Kooky Dough in the chilled isle of Tesco, Spar, Superquinn and a few other stores around Ireland . And in the UK you can pick these up in Waitrose. Check out here for more stockists.

Eabha LOVES cookies, baking and sweet things. So the marriage of cookies, STOPPPING and take time out of the daily grind to spend TIME with my little girl – who is showing signs already of growing up and giving her that QT that I spoke about was a perfect match.

And also the process of cooking the kookies appealed to me so much more than just opening a packet of them.

Needless to say we both enjoyed the experience and the end result was even more enjoyable. I didn’t even have to wash-up, perfect. Warm cookies, a glass of milk, a cup of tea and CBeebies was just what the doctor ordered after a busy morning of crèche.

Thanks Sophie xx

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The Honest Company spills the beans:”What’s Inside” All-Purpose Cleaners

I have fallen in love with The Honest Company and of course its founder Jessica Alba. There is a section on their website called “What’s Inside” it gets tough and scientific and the contents of several every day consumer products. I will be bringing you blogs on each of the items, as I feel this information needs to be shared and understood – we are after all, consumers… but with the right information and education we can all become consumers that can protect our selves and our families. Let’s face it large corporations are in it for the $$$$$$$.

So this blog is all about All-Purpose Cleaners:

Rufus – The Harris Hawk that keeps Wimbledon Pigeon Free

rufus the harris hawk

Pigeons not only poop on your head but they can also stop play at the worlds most prestigious tennis tournament – Wimbledon! So instead of killing them all as there are millions of them around…. Wimbledon has enlisted the help of Rufus the Harris Hawk. Rufus scares the pigeons out of their wits so they will not roost on the roof of center court or disrupt play – it is a brilliant way of showcasing how to keep pests at bay with the help of predators.

Rufus caught my eye when reading the back page of The Sunday Times Magazine – “A life in the day” I like when non chemical, non mechanical methods are used to solve a problem and the use of a hawk is the most environmentally friendly method all round.

Check out more about Avian Environmental here

Rufus also can be contacted on his Twitter Account @RufusTheHawk and Facebook account – he is a celeb bird and I think he is super oh along with Imogen Davis his handler 🙂


Meet Josie Yorgason – BLOGALIST Winner for The Less Is More Challenge & Claire Lewis Co!

When I thought up the Blogalist idea for The Less Is More Challenge and Claire Lewis – Making It Cool to Care About the Environment,  to find a young star 16-20year old, who like me LOVES the earth, not the dirt, but the planet on which we all live. I want to give readers another youthful view on environmental topics, nature, new eco brands, sustainable fashion, climate change and everything to do with The Less Is More Challenge and Claire Lewis Co.  I was overwhelmed with the response and when I went through all the entrants I found a clear winner all the way from Virginia, USA.

Meet Josie Yorgason & read her Biography below, our new and first Blogalist and we cannot wait to get started!


“My name is Josie, and I am currently studying to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science with a minor in Economics. Some of my favorite ways to spend my time is running and competing in races, hiking, simply being outside, riding motorcycles, and painting and creating art for my small side business. My love and care for the environment started at a very young age through my traveling and residence in many places throughout my childhood. Some of these amazing sites include Seattle, Washington, Davis, California, and many regions in Thailand. As I finally settled down in Virginia, I have come to appreciate the natural resources that surround my area. Through my growing knowledge and appreciation for the features surrounding my home in Northern Virgina, I am understanding that this area, as well as many other regions, have an important role to play in the world’s ecosystem. Everyday negative impacts on these areas need to be addressed and understood and solutions should be deliberated. My goal as the first ever Blogalist Intern is to share my own knowledge and interests, as well as gain insight from others about imminent problems and relief regarding environmental and earth topics. I am teeming with excitement to meet and talk to many interesting and informative people in my endeavor to blog about the environment!”

Well Done Josie and welcome onboard 🙂

The Less Is More Challenge Is WORKING!!


Yes, Yes it came through via a Viber message the most confirming piece of evidence I needed to help me realise that my Less Is More Challenge Is Working!

I first set this challenge to tackle the mindset of people towards consumerism, climate change and how it affects them, their own personal journey and how they could make simple changes to collectively make massive difference. Really people do care about the planet they just are tuned out as the world we live in now is all about fast paces, convenience this that and the other. It’s not their fault as companies spend massive amounts of cash on brain washing us all to spend, spend, spend….! So this is where my Less Is More Challenge kicks in….challenging peoples minds as well as their actions to change.

I will be changing names to secure the identity of the individual who is beautiful, sweet, lovely, fashionable, talented, artistic, the best at her job in Ireland (can’t tell you as those you know her will identify her straight away). This person wouldn’t have had a notion about recycling or why you would bother with it. This person wouldn’t have know about climate change or about where her trash ended up. This person loved to SHOP!! But this is the Viber message I received and I jumped for joy:

” Claire just want to let you know all this week I have made a conscious effort to recycle properly..I brought a lunch to work and didn’t buy clothes!! If I can change…..anything is possible! 

Amazing this person know’s who they are and I am very proud my hard work and little seeds are beginning to grow 🙂

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