Sea Weed Dog Chews….woof!!

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My dogs love the beach, and it is lucky for us that we live very close to a number of lovely, if not very stony beaches. Recently, my husband and I transformed our back yard and we are now the proud owners of a large raised bed area. I plan on zoning this into 5 zones and hope to plant enough veggies for the family – not sure if I will have room, but I will find out soon enough!

Anyway, back to the dog chews – I walk the dogs on the beach nearly every morning in the hope that they will not dig up my new beds or wreck the place with their very boisterous play. The little one loves chewing and I often noted that she loved to have a little nibble on the dried seaweed that gets stranded and dried out on the upper beach. I got to thinking,  and I investigated further. It turns out there these dried seaweed sticks are nutritious and beneficial, using them as dog chews when I needed to leave them alone for a few hours. The dogs love them and I now gather a few every time I go on a walk, to have enough in storage to throw a few out when I need to go somewhere.

They are free and nutritious. They have the same texture as the pigs ear chews you can buy, which kinda are expensive??

Anyway, if you have a dog, give it a go! I would love to hear how you get on…?

Check out my new page – Claire Lewis’s Upcycled Home


I recently went around my house taking snap shots of all of the Upcycled projects that I have completed. Turns out. I have quite a few!

So I have put a page together called Claire Lewis’s Upcycled Home – It contains pictures of most of the projects, and a little brief of how they came to be.

Do you like Upcycled pieces? I know there are lots of people who couldn’t think of anything worse. I must say I need the outcome to be very professional looking as even though I love Upcycled, I don’t like shabby.

I hope you enjoy – and if you want to know more just mail me


The world through the eyes of a 3yr old…


I do a regular feature on questions I ask my 3-year-old little girl Eabha and the answers she gives me – you should try this it can be very insightful and of course funny!!

Q. What is the sun?

It is orange and lives in the sky. It goes behind the clouds at night time and comes back out in the morning. It is very sharp!?

Q. How do birds fly?

They fly like this (jumps around the room – making a flapping motion) They need to fly to feed their babies.

Q. Why do dog’s have 4 legs?

They have four because they need to run fast. I can run fast too but my legs are only ONE and TWO!!?

Does anyone know how to sustainably dispose of DOG POO!!

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Hello lovely readers…. I am looking for your help?!

My husband and I are in the process of transforming the outside of our home into a really cool sustainable living space full of interesting areas to eat, grow, cook and play. Now the trick is we have 2 lovely dogs who are part of the furniture and family – they also like to POO!

Q. I want to find a SUSTAINABLE way to treat and dispose of my Dog’s Poo?

Q. Can Dog Poo be used for anything? Grose question but you never know some plants might love it….?

My reason to want to find a sustainable way to treat the dog poo is I will be starting My Waste Free Home soon and this means I will no longer have a TRASH BIN.

I use Earth Rated biodegradable poo bags to clean up the mess but I end up putting these in the trash. Seeing as I want to get rid of my trash can I need to find a very suitable home for at least one bag of poo a day.

For my organic waste I will be using a Green Johanna not composter and I also have a traditional composter bin.

Any one who could give me their opinions or better still their solution to a wold wide problem, you never know we could sort out the problem for a lot of people and divert millions of dog poo from landfill.


The lovely dog’s in question are posing in the picture above – Callie O’Malley a boarder collie/Retriever X and Jessie a bit of a few breads not sure really but she is sweet and totally in love with Callie. in the picture Callie is totally transfixed on the ball, Jessie is transfixed on Callie….XX