Sea Weed Dog Chews….woof!!

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My dogs love the beach, and it is lucky for us that we live very close to a number of lovely, if not very stony beaches. Recently, my husband and I transformed our back yard and we are now the proud owners of a large raised bed area. I plan on zoning this into 5 zones and hope to plant enough veggies for the family – not sure if I will have room, but I will find out soon enough!

Anyway, back to the dog chews – I walk the dogs on the beach nearly every morning in the hope that they will not dig up my new beds or wreck the place with their very boisterous play. The little one loves chewing and I often noted that she loved to have a little nibble on the dried seaweed that gets stranded and dried out on the upper beach. I got to thinking,  and I investigated further. It turns out there these dried seaweed sticks are nutritious and beneficial, using them as dog chews when I needed to leave them alone for a few hours. The dogs love them and I now gather a few every time I go on a walk, to have enough in storage to throw a few out when I need to go somewhere.

They are free and nutritious. They have the same texture as the pigs ear chews you can buy, which kinda are expensive??

Anyway, if you have a dog, give it a go! I would love to hear how you get on…?

My Gym that costs FRESH AIR!!


I love to exercise burning off calories that will allow me to scoff something yummy like bread, cheese, dark dark chocolate, a glass of red wine, and other ‘a minute on the hips a lifetime on the hips’ sort a food. But what I don’t like is the idea of paying big bucks to use an electricity guzzling gym. I do love gyms and every time I stay in a hotel I use the gym quite regularly, but there are so many other alternatives that we can look into that could help society as well as the earth.

TGO Green HeartCan you imagine if Ireland started an initiative to set up GREEN GYMS in public lands that could generate electricity on site to power lights etc? What an amazing gym that would be and you need not worry about the weather as a tarpaulin tent like structure is all you would need to protect from the guarantee that is rain in so many shapes and sizes.

I have seen some very simple green gyms around the country like cross trainers and the likes but The Great Outdoor Gym Company has already accomplished my idea of an eco gym with their Green Heart  amazing results! It is something I will definitely have to look into and send onto my local county council as this would be amazing in every park around the world let alone my local area.

For now my gym consists of a pair of trainers, a high visibility vest (a must for Irish wet winters!) and my two eager hounds that would climb any mountain with me like we did on Sunday  in the snow! There is nothing like fresh air in your lungs as apposed to recycled air-conditioned sweaty feet, arse air that has been around the gym God knows how many times….!

Some useful links on Out Door Gyms or Green Gyms: