DIY Hummus – easy peasy!

home made hummus

We are a huge Hummus loving house hold – we all love the stuff. As a quick snack on toast or crackers or even as an aperitif for dinner guests it really is great. Hummus is actually so easy to make and is really good for you. With the benefits of raw garlic and the protein offered from the main ingredient of Chick Pea’s.

Here is how I make mine – and this is what I have found, after lots of experimenting, to be the best tasting recipe:

1 can of Chick Pea’s (any brand or cost it doesn’t matter just be sure to drain them)

1 clove of garlic (peeled and crushed)

Sunflower Oil I find is better suited as some olive oil tastes very strong – you need as much of this to make the thick paste consistency that hummus has – take a look at the picture above. Just add a glug at a time, until all of the chick peas are mashed up together.

A squirt of lemon juice and salt & pepper.

My secret ingredients are: A sprinkle of smoked paprika and of cumin (or as my aunty call’s it coming, LOL!!)

Blend together in a machine and serve. It can keep in the fridge for a day or two but is best eaten fresh.



Live Below The Line – Day 4


The second last Day and I am feeling happy & Sad that soon it will be over! I have raised this far €110 for the children in Syria only another €140 to go so I am hoping you all can throw a few €’s my way – the smallest donation you can make on my Unicef Fundraising page is just €2. Thanks guys 🙂

Breakfast: Same o’l ding dong as its the only thing to fill me up!!  Porridge with water and dollop of Strawberry Jam. And of course a pot of tea with milk. 

50g of porridge = €0.04

Strawberry jam = €0.03

Reused Tea Bag = €0.02

Drop of milk = €0.05

Total: €0.14

10am Cup of coffee:

Tesco cheap and cheerful coffee 1 tsp = €0.08

Drop of milk = €0.05

Total for the cup of you could get used to the taste but does the job waking me up coffee €0.13

photo (25)Lunch: Pasta with Seaweed and Tomato Pesto

4 spoons of value pesto =  €0.20

2 cups of pasta = €0.05

Seaweed = FREE and packed full of nutrients!

Total €0.25

Of course there was only 1 place to eat this and that was the place the sea weed came from – The Beach and thats where I went with Eabha.





photo (26)Dinner: SALAD of Sea Weed, Dandelion, Beetroot, Spinach & Tomato – Oven baked chips!  

I forgot to take a picture of the end result that looked fab but I had house full and just forgot 😦

Spinach = €0.09

Dandelion & Sea Weed = Foraged for FREE.

For the sauce which I will be dividing by 4 as this was the number of people who could easily have been fed by this dish.

Tomato x1 = €0.03

1/2 full onion = €0.10

3 small potatoes = €0.15

1 Beetroot = €0.10

Drizzle of olive oil = €0.04

Dressing of soya sauce, olive oil & whole grain mustard = €0.10

Salt & Pepper  = €0.02

Total for my portion of dinner = €0.54

For Tea I had some Nettle Tea.

Total spend for Day 4 €1.15 I pushed it to the wire today so only 0.04 cents to my Jar!!

All proceeds of my Live Below The Line Jar to go to Unicef Ireland and the Syrian Children caught up in that dreadful conflict that has been going on for over 2 years.

Thank You for supporting me, with however much you can give – as every cent counts. To date I have collected €50 online (Thanks SJ & ORO’B) and I have collected another €60 from personal donations. My target is €250 and I hope with your support I can make and even exceed this. I have so far collected €110 for the children in Syria so in two days I need another €140

To support me online visit MY Unicef Fundraising Page HERE

If you know me personally or my family and friends you can give them any donations and they can pass it onto me. alternatively if you would like to email me please do even if it’s just for the chat, I love to hear how my thoughts & actions can influence people :

Thank you all 🙂 XX

Some interesting Websites about all the different benefits of SeaWeed:

Tortilla – they are so easy to DIY!

photo (13)

My husband LOVES Tortilla’s fully loaded with tomato, chili, cheese and sides of guacamole and sour cream. We used to buy the packet version of the tortilla chips UNTIL an experience while on Honey-Moon in Vegas. We ate the most delicious home-made,  authentic version while eating in a Mexican restaurant and couldn’t believe how simple they are to make.

They also are a great way off feeding a few and if you are looking for a nice nibble dish for a dinner party this is it. Also, and my favourite reason for making these bad boys are they are a great way of using up food and the ingredients can be bought every week and used in various dishes.

To make the Tortilla’s: using wraps just cut them into triangles place on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Cook in the oven until golden brown.

To make the sauce we always keep tins of tomatoes and if you fry some garlic and onion and if you like a hot sauce some chilly add the tin of tomatoes and make sure you leave it to reduce down so it is not watery.

Pile all the home-made tortillas on a baking tray, load on the sauce, great some cheese and if you like add jalapeno Peppers.

Pop in the oven until it is all bubbling and golden brown.

Serve with sour cream and guacamole!! Yummy