The Honest Company – “What’s Inside” Food Supplements?!

This is a little topical right now, as reports in the media lately suggest that food supplements are just a ploy by organisations to fool you out of money. I do agree there are a large number of supplements available that contain a fraction of what it says on the tin! I recently started on an Organic, Vegetable based multi vitamin to keep a pep in my step and I am taking the Solgar range. The Solgar brand couldn’t have come more highly recommended by my Aunt, who is a nurse, with years of experience and lots of courses under her belt in eating organically and the teachings of British nutritionist Patrick Halford.

The Honest Companies – “What’s Inside” information section on their site contained an excellent graphical explanation on Food Supplements.

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The Mighty Wheatgrass….Popeye stuff!


Ever wonder about Wheatgrass, what is was and what it can do for you…well wonder no more, I will let you in on everything you need to know about WHEATGRASS!

It is grown from the common wheat plant, more specifically the cotyledons of the common wheat plant. The cotyledons are a significant part of the embryo within the seeds of the plant.

The health benefits of wheatgrass has been highlighted more recently because of our ever increasing desire to become healthy with a very convenient quick fix shot, like that of wheatgrass and also the rise of juice bars! Wheatgrass is juiced fresh or you can purchase tablet form. The fresh pressed juice is the more desirable form.

It provides chlorophyllamino acidsmineralsvitamins, and enzymes.

Chlorophyll: If you want more energy, supplement with chlorophyll! As Dr Janet Star Hull always says: ‘what works in nature, surely works in man’.

Amino Acids:  builds and repair cells and tissue, carry oxygen and are part of the enzyme system. There are also many other body functions they perform, including regulating every biochemical reaction.

In the 1930’s  Charles F. Schnabel began experimenting with wheatgrass in the hopes of increasing its popularity. He carried out experiments on hens that were dying and his results were startling. Not only did the hen’s recover but their egg production and quality became superior to those other hens not included in the experiment.

There are ranging health benefits to wheatgrass that range from detoxification, aids digestion and blood flow and also has been trailed as a placebo in breast cancer research. All I know is from researching this little green plant it seems to have a lot of bang for its buck!!

My local vendor of Wheatgrass is The Happy Pear in Greystones – they have an online store and sell a really affordable wheatgrass juicer for €35. Check it out here 

I am sure your local health food store will be able to assist your every wheatgrass need if you go in and ask for a little. Wheatgrass gives you strength is the new buzz word, never mind the Guinness!!