Seasons change and so do we!


When we stand back to look at ourselves, our lives and the path we have carved it is quite easy to become complacent. Everyone is different, we all have special talents and different ways to look at things. Even the way we live, as similar human beings is completely different.

One big thing, I have learned and helps me to refocus and embrace change is that the seasons change and so do we! Our lives our outlook, the direction we take our lives is constantly evolving. Nothing stays the same. This for me is a great thing, and a wonderful way to take things in our stride and keep moving onwards and upwards.

There is always room for growth and change, just as it is in nature is truly a positive experience. All we have to do is look for the positive and get the help or assistance needed to make a change if it is needed. Growth is the best thing to come from change.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

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We are all on a journey in life, sometimes it is bumpy sometimes smooth but it has a destination! So what we all do with the precious time our journey takes is SO important. We have no idea how long our journey will take so enjoying each and every moment, not just the big moments, is key. The reason why it is KEY is because all these little moments make up the journey!!!!

You can probably tell that I have unlocked some home truths. I haven’t been blogging in a while either. I have instead been securing some exciting career moves that is my focus to become a secondary school teacher. I only just confirmed my place to do a masters in education and also a forest school leaders course, all starting in March 2015! I can honestly say the last two years have not been the most enjoyable for me. I was a little bit lost, unfocused. The things I was focused on were not giving me anything back to maintain positivity. A big shift was needed and a little realisation that there is no point going through life not enjoying all the amazing positives already present. This my friends is a complete waste of time and using the journey metaphor for our life it is a complete waste of energy, energy that can take you anywhere.

Leading me onto the title of this blog Wild by Cheryl Strayed, I just finished it last night and I was so sad for the journey to be over. It was more that just a book for me, it came into my life at just the right time. At 26 years of age, Cheryl walked – by her self – 1100 miles along a trail known as the Pacific Crest Trail!!!!! Cheryl showed me that it is OK to have a shit year but it is how you get your ass in gear and move on through those times, that is the empowerment. She is an AMAZING lady and a worthy Queen of the Pacific Crest Trial.

I have also attacked my house removing anything, and I mean anything that I have held onto for too long, that doesn’t have any need or just needs to go. Yes all because of my new best friend Cheryl, who carried all she needed on her back for her entire journey. Inspired me to really crank my becoming minimalistย approach to my life and the life of my daughter – my husband already takes this approach so he is always the one to ask why do we have so much stuff!! Clearing the clutter really does free up space practically in your home but also it frees up your mind and your time. Time to plan my hike somewhere, anywhere to relish my new found enthusiasm for LIFE.