Bawk Bawk – CHICKENS!!

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I could not leave this monumental event in my life pass me by without a blog post. Proudly introducing Augusta, Demellza (I’m partial to Poledark), Molly and Polly. They are fabulous hybrids and settling in so well. Sending lots of thanks to the fab family who run FarmFowl in Wicklow, Ireland. We had a lovely experience buying the very lovely chicken coop and the hen’s from you all and your help was greatly appreciated.

For years and years I have been wishing and hoping for chickens, I grew up with hens and they evoke such lovely memories, and those delicious eggs! My husband needed a LOT of convincing, and he has come around at last. I appreciate that everyone in the household needs to be on the same page, as it is a team effort. The chickens are POL’s or point of lay. They will start to lay over the next week or so. Each chicken will lay one lovely egg per day and will continue to do so for up to 4 years! We are an egg loving family and it makes sense to have organic, free range eggs on demand.

My mini chicken farmer has taken to the job really well! It is so great to see a 5 year old full of self disciplineย and confidence that she can do the jobs needed to keep the chickens in tip top shape. I can’t wait to see the look on Eabha’s face when the eggs arrive!

So I am learning about chicken care and I love it. I have found some great tips and would welcome any advice from any other chicken keepers out there. Any questions please ask and I will gladly share anything I know!

Interesting fact: Did you know chickens are related to the T-Rex!! Read more here.

Homemade Car & Home Freshener – To keep me happy in my car that smells like DOG!

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I have two dogs that live outside to keep them healthy and not spoilt, at the moment they are rather smelly. Callie O’Malley is a big dog and really pretty one too – boarder collie/golden retriever x. She is about a month off her anual clipping and boy she smells! I had been noticing the smell in the car was getting worse and rather than put my head out the window while driving or a peg on my nose I decided something was needed to make my car smell sweet.

So I was in the garage the other day and I was just about to buy a smelly air fresh hangy thingy BUT since going on the Live Below The Line everything over โ‚ฌ1 is an extortionate amount of money. I began to think could I make one and I thought yes I can! Not only did I not like the fact that the packaging is so excessive – cardboard and plastic, could they not choose one or the other? I also most always get a pain in my head for the first week of opening it and I can only imagine what I am inhaling!!??

I had been at my friend Kim’s wedding two weeks ago and I had a pretty gauze bag that I got with a lovely chocolate as the wedding favour. And I also keep all my candle wax when the wick burns down what ever is left I crack out and store I then make new candles once I have enough wax – very industrious but it works. I sometimes use the candle wax to start a fire….. going slightly off the point but the cupboard I store the box containing the wax smells devine so this was my idea. I would fill the pretty gauze bag with large chunks of candle wax and could even combine the smells.

I am 5 months married today actually, and I got a lovely Wedding Day scented Yankie Candle which smells of white roses and other lovely wedding scents. I combined this with a wild rose candle and a christmas scented candle and the result were magical. Especially when the weather is hot and the wax gets a little warm the fragrance comes alive!

Here are some other DIY air freshener ideas I found:

Its nice to know the cleaning product you buy has been brought up and not dragged up!


Cleaning products are a necessity for most homes around the world, except maybe bachelor pads!! When choosing cleaning products normally you would check the costs first then the packaging, maybe the smell comes into play, but do you really care about the products life up until that point when it is sitting on the supermarket shelves waiting for a new home?

I know if each product was to come to life when no-one was left in the supermarket floor then we would have some bad ass cleaning products causing havoc getting drunk and high on chemicals of all sorts maybe even pushing drugs on other products scared out of their wits waiting for a new home to go to.

I am so glad to know that all of my cleaning products have had a squeaky clean up bringing. Born into a home that has been purposely built to leave as little impact on the earth and the surrounding area as possible. A truly GREEN building made using 95% recycled or renewable sources. With natural light, European pine beams and even specially made bricks using a low energy process. Pretty remarkable and an excellent home for truly wonderful ECO products to be brought up in.

I know that when I pick up my new ECOVER products they are little green angels that have probably helped a little old lady cross the road or some good deed to that effect – but what would you expect from the offspring of ECO & VER.