Big Yellow Taxi – A very cool song with meaning!

joni mitchell

I love songs that are not only catchy but also send a message, even better when it is an environmental one!

My old time favourite is Big Yellow TaxiΒ by Joni Mitchell written in 1970 after visiting Hawaii for the first time. Joni got a ‘big yellow taxi’ to the hotel and there was this amazing view of green mountains from the hotel room and when she looked down there was a parking lot as far as the eye could see.

Watch the video on YouTube Here.

WWF Endangered Species List

This piece is to create an awareness about the large number of animals on the WWF endangered animals list, some that you may not have ever heard of and sadly might not hear much more about.
Like this cute little guy!
I chose this animal because of the name it made me laugh and has a funny element to it. Most men I told about this animal looked at me and giggled – but when I asked them an hour later they all remembered the name.
When I set up Claire Lewis Co as an environmentally responsible education and lifestyle company my mission was to make it cool to care about the earth and have fun doing it. Well tough guys who didn’t really care about endagered animals took notice of this species all because of the name. The African wild ass!
It also is incredibly cute and I have never heard of this animal before. Lets hope we can create an awareness and help take this wild ass off the endangered animals list. It would be too sad to see it become extinct, gone, never to be seen again.