Greystones Americana and Roots Weekend: 2nd-5th August.

Americana & Roots

If you like Bluegrass, Rocabilly or alt-country music, then grab your banjo, hop in your truck and drive to Greystones, Co Wicklow for the 4th Annual Americana & Roots Weekend.

You can listen to The Cujo Family – Dog gone crazy here.

Roots music has a very rural vibe which I love – there is a fashion following for roots that is very raw, hair braided or undone, loose clothing, boots! Straw, trucks, red barns, banjo’s, whisky, and of course denim….

Of course with every genre there is a style – even the very natural look has a forced element, a structure to conform some what!? But I love the rural-ness of it all. Thats why I think Greystones is the perfect place to hold an Americana and Roots Weekend.

The majority of events are FREE.

If you would like to find out more check out:

Hope to see yoa’ll here!

A Claire Lewis Product Review – My personal favorite Liquid Hand Wash.


I always had a thing for a bar of soap it seemed more environmentally friendly to me and I preferred the smell of soap washed hands. Even in the shower a bar is soap is always at hand and hubby likes soap over the millions of shower gels that are on the market. There are so many reasons to chose a bar of soap…well that was until I visited my local vegetarian/health-food store/cafe The very charming very lovely The Happy Pear in Greystones, where I washed my hands using a brand they sold in the store and used in their loo.

ECOVER Lavender & Aloe vera Hand wash. I was instantly transported to a sunny back yard with glass of wine in hand, sun on my face with the sound of buzzing bees and children playing. The smell of the natural essential oil of Lavender is so relaxing. A truly amazing experience so amazing that I had to purchase a bottle on the way home. I also have eczema on my knuckes of my right hand – it is my portable Litmus Test!! It gives me an instant indication to how harsh a product is ECOVER passed my eczema knuckle test with flying colours 🙂

The Mighty Wheatgrass….Popeye stuff!


Ever wonder about Wheatgrass, what is was and what it can do for you…well wonder no more, I will let you in on everything you need to know about WHEATGRASS!

It is grown from the common wheat plant, more specifically the cotyledons of the common wheat plant. The cotyledons are a significant part of the embryo within the seeds of the plant.

The health benefits of wheatgrass has been highlighted more recently because of our ever increasing desire to become healthy with a very convenient quick fix shot, like that of wheatgrass and also the rise of juice bars! Wheatgrass is juiced fresh or you can purchase tablet form. The fresh pressed juice is the more desirable form.

It provides chlorophyllamino acidsmineralsvitamins, and enzymes.

Chlorophyll: If you want more energy, supplement with chlorophyll! As Dr Janet Star Hull always says: ‘what works in nature, surely works in man’.

Amino Acids:  builds and repair cells and tissue, carry oxygen and are part of the enzyme system. There are also many other body functions they perform, including regulating every biochemical reaction.

In the 1930’s  Charles F. Schnabel began experimenting with wheatgrass in the hopes of increasing its popularity. He carried out experiments on hens that were dying and his results were startling. Not only did the hen’s recover but their egg production and quality became superior to those other hens not included in the experiment.

There are ranging health benefits to wheatgrass that range from detoxification, aids digestion and blood flow and also has been trailed as a placebo in breast cancer research. All I know is from researching this little green plant it seems to have a lot of bang for its buck!!

My local vendor of Wheatgrass is The Happy Pear in Greystones – they have an online store and sell a really affordable wheatgrass juicer for €35. Check it out here 

I am sure your local health food store will be able to assist your every wheatgrass need if you go in and ask for a little. Wheatgrass gives you strength is the new buzz word, never mind the Guinness!!

The New Craze of Revamping/Upcycling Items of Clothing.

I am totally & utterly excited about the old tradition (which is now in vogue)  of Revamping/Upcycling items of clothing instead of buying brand new items. It brings us back to the era where people would turn something old and much loved into something new. Atelier is the french word for work-shop and Ireland is bursting with amazing such Atelier’s where again creative and inspiring people can bring an age old craft back to the 21st century.

I am living in Greystones, Co Wicklow, Ireland and I am spoilt for choice for the amount of stores that cater for upcycling and tailoring your new vision for your clothing item or to better phrase it….. COUTURE!! One such establishment is The Goddess Room  an absolutely amazing place where your thoughts can be brought to life. A must see if you want something vintage or just want something altered to become a new piece! ‘Our design and couture skills are put at your disposal together with magnificent laces and hand beaded and decorated fabrics and  garments from some of the richest periods in history.’

The Garden of Unicorn  – Creative Style with a Conscience! An amazing thoughtfulness to clothing and fabrics, ‘Unicorn garments are made from natural materials only and are always lined with silk or fine organic cotton batiste.  All cotton used is certified organic (GOTS certification) and the collection is made to the highest standards in small family run ateliers in Ireland and Poland’

Sophie Rieu founded Unicorn Design in May 2003 and her Unicorn designerwear label in 2005.  Originally from France, she works from her studio and boutique: the Garden of Unicorn in Greystones, offering a made to measure service and retailing her own collections. Sophie also prides prides herself on attention to detail and on the consistency of her strong ethical policies. 

Another way you can have it all and look your best but still caring about the world in which we live!