The Honest Company spills the beans:”What’s Inside” All-Purpose Cleaners

I have fallen in love with The Honest Company and of course its founder Jessica Alba. There is a section on their website called “What’s Inside” it gets tough and scientific and the contents of several every day consumer products. I will be bringing you blogs on each of the items, as I feel this information needs to be shared and understood – we are after all, consumers… but with the right information and education we can all become consumers that can protect our selves and our families. Let’s face it large corporations are in it for the $$$$$$$.

So this blog is all about All-Purpose Cleaners:

My Waste Free Home is here!


Yes, it is finally here and I am finally set up to manage my own house-hold waste myself, on site and actually saving money in the process! Getting the house waste free organised and ready was tough and I still have lots to do, but as I said at the beginning this is a lifestyle and my whole house will need to row in behind me. Now I do have a very small tin trash can with a biodegradable (Earth Rated Dog Poop) bag – as the liner, just incase my family or visitors bring me some items that I have not planned for or cannot recycle!

TrashedTo celebrate the start of this exciting venture for me and hopefully others will follow – saving tones of waste from landfill, I have a copy of  ‘TRASHED’  the amazing film starring Jeremy Irons, to give away to one lucky winner.

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is:

Go to My Waste Free Home’s Facebook page and LIKE it.

If you don’t care for Facebook then please leave me a message or email me at

Be sure and keep checking my blog to find out all about my trials and tribulations, how much I am saving, the benefits of taking on a challenge like this to all of your family – bringing OUR waste problem HOME where we can show our children and others that we CAN do something positive to make a difference.


We all need to Kiss the Earths Butt a little bit more often….!

keep the planet clean its not uranus

Funny how we forget –  just what a feat it is to spin around on an axis, let rain sleet and snow fall from the skies, have molten rock erupt from the center of the earth and produce beauty beyond compare – I am very attractive!! (ha ha) I mean more like the flora and fauna but when you think about it humans are pretty beautiful too.

But we all seem to forget the massive need to KISS this amazing EARTH’s BUTT more than we do. As a mother she is pretty amazing, don’t you think? And, it’s probably the only butt kissing that will have all positive effects.

Why not take a look at the ways you can make a difference in small steps and check out The Less Is More Challenge Facebook page. Or, check out My Waste Free Home – for ways you can reduce your utility bills and trash you send to landfill.

Rufus – The Harris Hawk that keeps Wimbledon Pigeon Free

rufus the harris hawk

Pigeons not only poop on your head but they can also stop play at the worlds most prestigious tennis tournament – Wimbledon! So instead of killing them all as there are millions of them around…. Wimbledon has enlisted the help of Rufus the Harris Hawk. Rufus scares the pigeons out of their wits so they will not roost on the roof of center court or disrupt play – it is a brilliant way of showcasing how to keep pests at bay with the help of predators.

Rufus caught my eye when reading the back page of The Sunday Times Magazine – “A life in the day” I like when non chemical, non mechanical methods are used to solve a problem and the use of a hawk is the most environmentally friendly method all round.

Check out more about Avian Environmental here

Rufus also can be contacted on his Twitter Account @RufusTheHawk and Facebook account – he is a celeb bird and I think he is super oh along with Imogen Davis his handler 🙂


Irish People & The World unite to STOP the scandal that is the SALE of Irish FORESTS to pay back debt…..!

photo (15)

There is nothing more frustrating than to see a grave injustice unfold at the hands of those who should be gardians of Ireland. The sale of Irish Forests to pay back our debt is beyond comprehension. Our debt has been caused by the bad banks and all the idiots that sat at the head of these banks Anglo Irish Bank in particular, not one of these men have gone to jail. This makes me mad, but what makes me ten million times madder is the plan to sell off Irish logging rights to the International Forestry Fund that has none other than our very own Bertie Ahern acting as Chairman.

Watch this video to see for your self what Bertie Ahern is up to HERE He has not only screwed Ireland and left us all for dead and should also be dragged to court for what he left happen in the banks when he was T/PM, now he has the brass balls to come back acting as Chairman for the IFF who want to eat up our forests to meet the IFF targets for growth which will mean more fat cheques for Bertie. As Asset Managers they want to make lots of money from the worlds natural resources this time it is wood and they want to attract investers hence this pathetic comercial. Bertie know’s Ireland is on its knees. as he teed this up when he was in power, now he is back to add insult to injury.

OK my blood pressure has eased again as I had a chance to think of the lovely day spent at Avondale House & Forest Park for The Save Irelands Forests Campaign. Jeremy Irons, Sinead Cusack, Paddy Casey and Christy Moore where out in force to offer their support for the cause. The decision on the sale of Irish forests is imminent and needs to be STOPPED. You can do your bit please SIGN THE PETITION HERE

Keep up to date with the next steps by liking the following Facebook Pages:

The Woodland League 

Ireland’s Natural Resources belong to the Irish

Natural Resources Protection Alliance  

Claire Lewis Co.

And sign up to receive my blog via email bottom right of my web page. Thanks to you all for the support lets get up and STOP this madness.

woodland league

The Less Is More Challenge Is WORKING!!


Yes, Yes it came through via a Viber message the most confirming piece of evidence I needed to help me realise that my Less Is More Challenge Is Working!

I first set this challenge to tackle the mindset of people towards consumerism, climate change and how it affects them, their own personal journey and how they could make simple changes to collectively make massive difference. Really people do care about the planet they just are tuned out as the world we live in now is all about fast paces, convenience this that and the other. It’s not their fault as companies spend massive amounts of cash on brain washing us all to spend, spend, spend….! So this is where my Less Is More Challenge kicks in….challenging peoples minds as well as their actions to change.

I will be changing names to secure the identity of the individual who is beautiful, sweet, lovely, fashionable, talented, artistic, the best at her job in Ireland (can’t tell you as those you know her will identify her straight away). This person wouldn’t have had a notion about recycling or why you would bother with it. This person wouldn’t have know about climate change or about where her trash ended up. This person loved to SHOP!! But this is the Viber message I received and I jumped for joy:

” Claire just want to let you know all this week I have made a conscious effort to recycle properly..I brought a lunch to work and didn’t buy clothes!! If I can change…..anything is possible! 

Amazing this person know’s who they are and I am very proud my hard work and little seeds are beginning to grow 🙂

Check out the Facebook Page Here.

Join me on Twitter @ClaireLOK

The Less Is More Schools Challenge


My goal when starting The Less Is More Challenge was to reach out to as many people as possible and try in my own little way to get people to have a little sit down with their Earth Conscience and maybe instill change for the only purpose of making Earth a happier place for all….! Never could I have imagined the response from people all over the world taking up The Challenge and the desire from others to help as much and as best as they could. The Facebook page to date is not even 2 weeks old and already the response is over 200Likes which also converts to Less Is More Challengers. Press interest and the amazing support of global and national Green/Eco Brands such as TerraCycle, Lilly’s Eco Clean, The Film Trashed – starring Jeremy Irons, Ecover and many more. It really has been an amazing week and a half, and with momentum building for Earth Day on April 22nd it will be an even busier week and a half to go – but like you all I am Up For The Challenge!!

Due to the interest from schools all over Ireland I have decided to launch The Less Is More  Schools Challenge. Still the same concept as the main challenge but just tailored to suit the needs of the teenage population..I assume changing from Chemical Based to Eco Based cleaning products would be of no Challenge to a teenager!!??? I am just assuming so if I offend anyone please forgive me your parents must be delighted you like to clean 🙂

So just for the younger generatio, Earth Day 2013 is nearly here, show your support in some small way that together will make a massive difference. For one day take 10 suggestions and see if it changes your lifestyle forever?!

All you got to do as part of the LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE is to do as many of the following:

  1. Pack a lunch for school.
  2. Use a reusable bottle for your water – Bobble Bottles are great for filtering as you go and are offering a discount during Earth Month.
  3. Do not purchase Clothing for one day. But if you have to try and only purchase clothing that give back and make an effort to tackle environmental issues and sustainability in the production of the product .
  4. Turn off Lights, computers, TV’s and any other electrical item that consumes electricity.
  5. Unplug mobile phone chargers when not in use as they still consume electricity when left plugged in!
  6. Recycle & discover TerraCycle and the ways you can help to “Eliminate the Idea of Waste”
  7. Plant a Tree and/or a plant that native bee’s LIKE.
  8. Walk, Cycle or take public transport as often as you can.
  9. Watch the film HOME & film Trashed starring Jeremy Irons.
  10. Just open your mind for one day to the little things you can do to instill change in our world globally.

The core of the LESS IS MORE SCHOOLS CHALLENGE is to tackle peoples acceptance to the emphasis on consumerism resulting in ginormous global waste issues and global warming. We all have the ability to change starting with ourselves and if for one day we all had a little think about our own personal journey and lifestyle then it could start something special. Let April 22nd 2013 be the day that YOU take up the CHALLENGE.

Go to the Less Is More Facebook page and all you have to do to register is LIKE the page and share a comment on what LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE you are going to set yourself on Monday 22nd of April 2013.

On the Facebook page check out the brands that are getting behind the challenge and offering discounts or freebies, send us a picture or some feed back of how you got on during your LESS IS MORE  SCHOOLS CHALLENGE or for just a general earthy chat…

Twitter  #lessismore

The very best of luck and most importantly ENJOY!!

If you would like to get involved in this challenge please email

The Following Brands are Proudly Supporting the Less Is More Challenge for Earth Day, April 22nd 2013

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