A Less Is More Christmas.


Last year I set up The Less Is More Challenge to celebrate Earth Day. The challenge contained 10 simple suggestions to help people realise that really really simple changes to make all the difference to the Earth on which we live. It was a great success and will be even better and bigger for 2014. I have a dedicated blog to The Less Is More Challenge and would love you to take a look and even follow. Recently, I wrote a piece called A Less Is More Christmas –  a view of Christmas in two ways, both through my eyes. A polished marketed Christmas Vs my Less Is More Christmas. It is funny when you sit back and read. And I can guarantee that you will appreciate both of my views!!

You can read it here.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas xx

The beautiful Winter Woodland scene is painted by Jessica Jenney

Are you a student aged between16-20yrs? Fancy being The Less Is More BLOGALIST?

super man

Attention all budding Super Hero Journalists between the ages of 16-20….Do you love to write about events in you life or the world around you? Do you want your words to make a difference? Well this is for you….

The Less Is More Challenge is looking for keen budding BLOGALISTS blogger/journalists (just made this word up but I kind of like it) to write about events, people and places that relate to The Less Is More Challenge, Earth Day and Climate Change. This covers a huge spectrum of topics and you can write as often as you like. It also covers The Less Is More Schools Challenge so you can interview students your own age about what they think of the environment, environmental issues and what they did to mark Earth Day.

Don’t be overwhelmed you will be helped along the way and all of your work will be posted on the Claire Lewis Blog that is the home of the Less Is More Challenge giving you exposure as a real life BLOGALIST.

To apply please email Claire Lewis at lessismore@clairelewis.ie and tell me why you would like the job as The Less Is More BLOGALIST.

It will be a fun project for anyone keen on experience and you can live anywhere in the world as the environment effects us all. It will also be great for your CV/Resume.

The Less Is More Challenge – Take the Challenge Today!


I am really extremely busy getting The Less Is More Challenge ready for Earth Day on April 22nd. There are so many amazing Eco/Green brands out there that share the Claire Lewis Philosophy and I want to contact all of them to back this challenge. Since the Less Is More Challenge went live I have received nothing but Positivity from people and companies. I want to have lots of companies that will offer freebies and discounts for the week leading up to Earth Day. So starting Monday April 15th we will be giving away lots of GOOD stuff on The Less Is More Challenge Facebook Page.

The Less Is More Challenge logo is simple and in Black & White. Symbolising the fact that Global Warming is a Black and White Issue and needs to be TACKLED NOW by each and every ONE of us. It also symbolises simplicity – that you don’t have to spend money on this challenge in fact by purchasing less you will save money.

LIKE the Facebook Page

Twitter us #lessismore

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Earth Day 22nd April 2013 – The Claire Lewis LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE

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Earth Day 2013 is nearly here and we all need to show our support in some small way that together will make a massive difference?!

What better way to show your individual support for Earth Day 2013 than to try, for one full 24hrs, not to purchase any thing at all….not a single item that will end up as waste. For Earth Week 2013 Claire Lewis who is – Making it Cool to Care about the Environment, is setting the LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE for anyone who is up for it?

All you got to do as part of the LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE is to do as many of the following:

  1. Use a reusable bottle for your water – surprisingly simple but has a massive impact!
  2. Have a go at Meat Free Mondays – just one day a week meat free can really make a difference.
  3. Do not purchase Clothing for one day. But if you have to try and only purchase clothing that give back and make an effort to tackle environmental issues in the production of the product. I don’t think in one day you will in counter a fashion emergency!!
  4. Swap a Chemical Based home cleaning product for an ECO alternative, two of my favorite companies are Lilly’s Eco Clean & Ecover
  5. Recycle & discover TerraCycle and the ways you can help to “Eliminate the Idea of Waste”!
  6. Buy local organic produce or pre think your shop for the week to reduce food waste.
  7. Plant a Tree and/or a plant that native bee’s LIKE.
  8. Cycle to work or take public transport.
  9. Watch the film HOME & film Trashed.
  10. Just open your mind for one day to the little things you can do to instill change in our world globally starting with yourself!

The core of the LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE is to tackle peoples acceptance to consumerism resulting in ginormous global waste issues and global warming. If for one day we all had a little think about our own personal journey and lifestyle then it could be the start of something special. Let April 22nd 2013 be the day that YOU take up the CHALLENGE.

Go to the Less Is More Facebook page and all you have to do to register is LIKE the page and share a comment on what LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE you are going to set yourself on Monday 22nd of April 2013.

On the Facebook page check out the brands that are getting behind the challenge and offering discounts or freebies, send us a picture or some feed back of how you got on during your LESS IS MORE CHALLENGE or for just a general earthy chat…

The Twitter # is #lessismore

The very best of luck and most importantly ENJOY!!

The Following Brands are Proudly Supporting the Less Is More Challenge for Earth Day, April 22nd 2013

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