The Honest Company – What’s Inside – Baby Bath Products!?

If you are a regular reader, you will have already read about my love affair with The Honest Company. An American company co founded by the stunning Jessica Alba – in a quest to give her children really honest and pure everyday personal and home cleaning products. I recently came across a section on their website called “What’s Inside” and it gives a really simple and graphically pleasing account of exactly the information we need as consumers, to make an informed decision about the products we use.


So in this graphic The Honest Company talks us through Conventional Baby Bath Products!!

What's inside conventional baby bath products?

The Honest Company spills the beans:”What’s Inside” Disposable Diapers!

Jessica Alba is not only beautiful but she is also smart. Setting up The Honest Company to give herself and her daughters the most natural beauty, baby and cleaning products for all the families needs.
There is a section on The Honest Company website called “What’s Inside”. An in-depth look at the ingredients and the harmful environmental and health benefits of everyday items that are used by millions of consumers and have a huge profitability attached – hence the attraction for corporations!
The everyday items that are put under the What’s Inside Spot Light include:
  1. Disposable Diapers/nappies
  2. All Purpose Cleaners
  3. Baby Bath Products
  4. Health & Wellness
It is refreshing but also quite scary to be able to read exactly What’s Inside Disposable Diapers, and here it is and its not pretty:
Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_01 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_02 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_03 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_04 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_05 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_06 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_07 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_08 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_09 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_10 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_11 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_12
Image from The Honest Company website and is not my own. You can check all the fabulous other ‘What’s Inside’ images on The Honest Company Here.

Greener Practices for a Greener World – Guest Blogger – Sam Marquit from NYC

Green Image

Sam Marquit from NY contacted me to share some of his thoughts on Greener Practices. I always welcome guest bloggers, who like me love the earth and sustainability and want to share their views with my readers. I really enjoyed this piece and it makes me want to know more about Eco tourism and the types of questions I will be asking hotels before I book my reservation. Just think if we all ask questions regarding a hotels sustainability efforts then it will become more normalized and hotels will make a greater effort as this could win customers. Imagine if  it came down to sustainability rather than the size of the pool for a hotel to win customers – I reckon they would all brush up on their acts!!

Biography : I am an entrepreneurial independent contractor and home renovation/remodeling expert in New York. I’ve made it a point to share my experiences of a day in the life of sustainable building. Forecasting the possible application and implementation of new green building materials and technologies is just one small part of my effort to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.

Greener Practices for a Green World

Environmentally friendly construction and practices are growing more popular all the time. As a result, we are seeing more businesses and individuals being recognized for implementing them. As a contractor, I work with these companies regularly and am very interested in what they are doing. I think they deserve a lot more than just LEED certification when their projects fit the standard.

In New York City, the amazing ink48 Hotel is putting green standards into use in several departments. It also has a program known as Earthcare that allows members to meet and discuss new ways to go green. Another in particular seems to be head of the curve in terms of eco travel. Many hotels in Las Vegas are changing their practices to be more sustainable. One in particular is the Palazzo Resort and Hotel. This resort is reusing its waste so well that it was named “The Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America.” The Palazzo also boasts water recycling systems and solar panels for heating. Even major hotel chains are catching on. The Marriott is saving 66 tons of plastic being thrown into landfills by using green keycards that are biodegradable and recyclable.

In other countries like Asia for example, have really great programs that recognize different organizations making an impact. Businesses in the tourism industry that use environmentally friendly methods, get involved in the community or aid in wildlife conservation can be a part of “The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards.” In the United States, something similar is organized by the “People & Planet Awards.”

It is such a good thing to see people working to make their businesses sustainable. I do not just get to see it; I get to take part in building these businesses. With so many buildings going up all over the world, from hotels to office buildings, it is of the utmost importance that businesses keep up with advancements in green technology. It is also important to use these advancements wherever possible. Businesses that are on board, such as those mentioned here, provide an example for all future businesses to follow.


On the Hunt for an Eco Wellington…


photo-60So my trusty pink polka dot wellies have sprung a leak so I decided to go shopping for an ECO welly alternative (ps this spell check is very annoying as I have already spelt willies on a number of occasions!)

The following are the brands that I have wished and or lusted after for quite some time e-hem (Hunter) or have found through my research on the search for the ECO Wellington!

I really feel that despite the vast array of wellingtons on the market cheap ones and not so cheap ones you have to keep in mind the qualities that are important to you when purchasing a pair. I know I am in the minority when I view the environment as one of my top priorities when shopping but this is just who I am. I was programmed this way and I hope to God being green is on the list to get into heaven because if it is – I am free rolling!




For me the following qualities are a must:

  1. How Eco friendly the product and the manufacturing processes are
  2. How far does the company go to do their bit – this is a very important quality to me!
  3. How comfortable the product is
  4. How much are they – I will always pay extra for a product that is made well and will last
  5. The Customer Service the company offers – do they care about the person buying their product? Chances are if they don’t they don’t care about much more.

1. kamik – A Canadian company that manufactures locally in Canada. kamik do the most impressive range of boots that are not only recyclable once they reach the end of their lives but they are made from RubberHe 

The Rubber is kamik’s very own made-in Canada innovation. It is an interesting read and I am impressed with the lengths the company processes are centered around being as environmentally friendly as possible. Reusing water within the manufacturing processes and using only recycled water to cool machines etc. I am impressed the only down side is I have yet to find a stockiest in Ireland, but they deliver to the UK.

It seems I have found my ECO Wellington after all 🙂

2. Hunter – I have been in love with these boots for some time and thought it would be Hunter all the way for the next pair.  “Outstanding in Every Field” – Not really, more so the Fashion Stakes! There is not much on their website about their environmental policies or any recycling programs they offer and after lots of persistence via email and Facebook I got some answers!

Do they have a recycling program for the boots for the customer to send after their life time – No they do not. Also since the manufacturing was moved from their birth place Edinburgh to China it is evident from their Facebook pages and also bloggers that the quality has dropped considerably. What was once a life time product is now lasting a few years at max. They do get all of the sample boots collected from their UK offices and sent to ‘waste to energy process’ which feeds the national grid rather than landfill.

They also have Restricted Substance Standards and Guidelines. “We manage a programme to collect information from our suppliers on components, chemicals, supply routes, and test results on a seasonal basis, and we also manage a structured testing programme to ensure compliance with our standards” My only worries here is that they are not open for public viewing so I have been informed this is what Hunter are doing and that is brilliant but I have no idea what the standards and guidelines mean. And also what boundaries are Hunter pushing to make their product more eco friendly as well as a fashion item?

3. Aigle Boots  Produced in France for a 150 years, using natural rubber and each boot is produced by hand. The boots are really smart and look like a pair that would stand the test of time!  Could also be in the running to become the next ECO Wellington!

This post has really got me thinking and I would like to research the Wellington market a little more. I know from my research into my book The Soother Cycle If each child under the age of 4 in the UK alone recycled their soother then a whopping 40 double decker bus loads of soothers would be recycled and saved from landfill. Can you imagine the number of wellingtons that each child in the UK alone uses. Those growing feet need lots of wellingtons and if there was a brand that allowed a trade in on wellingtons for kids wouldn’t that be marvelous and a totally ECO friendly solution. I could start The Wellington Cycle – now there’s an idea!!

A Claire Lewis Product Review – My personal favorite Liquid Hand Wash.


I always had a thing for a bar of soap it seemed more environmentally friendly to me and I preferred the smell of soap washed hands. Even in the shower a bar is soap is always at hand and hubby likes soap over the millions of shower gels that are on the market. There are so many reasons to chose a bar of soap…well that was until I visited my local vegetarian/health-food store/cafe The very charming very lovely The Happy Pear in Greystones, where I washed my hands using a brand they sold in the store and used in their loo.

ECOVER Lavender & Aloe vera Hand wash. I was instantly transported to a sunny back yard with glass of wine in hand, sun on my face with the sound of buzzing bees and children playing. The smell of the natural essential oil of Lavender is so relaxing. A truly amazing experience so amazing that I had to purchase a bottle on the way home. I also have eczema on my knuckes of my right hand – it is my portable Litmus Test!! It gives me an instant indication to how harsh a product is ECOVER passed my eczema knuckle test with flying colours 🙂

The ECO Network


Hey Guys I am launching The ECO Network to provide a platform for all like minded organizations, businesses, eco entrepreneurs and individuals sharing the one goal to make a difference to the world as well as being successful in business. Find us on Facebook/TheEcoNetwork and stay tuned for the first launch Eco Network Party.

An ECO Network for growing sustainable communities, eco entrepreneurs and businesses with green core values. Focused on growth through resource exchange, networking events and helping you make a difference to your business and the earth organically 🙂

If you are one of the above and would like to hear more on The ECO Network or our events please contact, we would love to hear from you. P.S. LIKE & SHARE us on Facebook.