Phone Directories – Why waste the tree please opt out today!

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Yes I was hyperventilating this week, when I received my very large pack of items that I will NEVER use – the phone directory for my area and the golden pages. Tightly packed into plastic to keep the thousands that are dropped outside homes and might never even make it in the door. The packs also contain needless amounts of advertising – No I don’t want a new car insurance policy or SKY – I already have both and I can sort myself out thanks!!

But, then behind an advert lay a “Very Important” letter. Yes it actually was important as it contained the information needed to ‘opt out’ and no longer receive this useless piece of information. I would have thought it made more sense to send just one letter to each home in Ireland stating you have to opt in to receive a directory or even collect one from your local post office. I know the majority of people who will still rely on a directory will be the over 60’s and I appreciate that, but even then most 60 year old’s I know can use the computer aptly.

So I thought I would get going in my opt outed-ness and I logged onto I thought it would be as simple as entering my address but no I had to create an account!!! So I did and it really wasn’t that bad I just kept thinking of the tree’s I would be saving.

Also apparently the reason we all receive a phone directory is to do with a European Communities Regulation 2003 to do with the Electronic Communications Networks and Services – bizarre to say the least?!

The Dublin Horse Show – August 7th – 11th.

Eabha and the horses

If you like horses or even just the smell of them, Β make it your business to get to Dublin for the annual Dublin Horse Show. It opens on Wednesday the 7th of August and closed on Sunday 11th.

I took Eabha for our debut show last year and I enjoyed it immensely, as did my then 2 year old. She even got her picture taken with two beautiful Garda horses – which never failsΒ  to make me laugh – out loud!!

There is so much horsy stuff to see – with different events and shows on at the one time, you will be spoilt for choice. For the fashionista who wants to win a rosette then the Blossom Hill Ladies Day will be right up your street on Thursday 8th. Check out all the information on the Dublin Horse Show website Here, where you can pre book your ticket. If the weather is anything like last week, then I will be packing up a big lunch and heading in at the dawn.

Here are a few pics I took at last year’s show:sidesadle

dhs white cobcowboycanter

The Irish Blog Awards….nominate me? Yes, No, Maybe???!!!


So I have been blogging for a year now and it feels like only yesterday I decided to take my Dyslexia self and see if I could write! I always loved nature and the environment but English wasn’t a strong point of mine – as you can probably make out from the bad grammar, spelling and punctuation! Not letting any one, any thing, or any stigma hold me back I decided this time last year to start my Claire Lewis Co Blog – Making it Cool to Care about the Environment! Not that I am cool but I wanted my age group of friends and beyond to start thinking about little things they can do to make a change for the better and make it cool to do so. You don’t have to make the peace sign, have dread’s or own a VW camper to care about the earth – if it is not innate it should be a learnt behaviour – similar to brushing your teeth, your momma thought you that didn’t she?!

So there are blogging competitions for bloggers like me, and the Irish version is coming up soon and, well it would be interesting to see what people thought about my blog? So if you have a free moment and if you have read my blog and liked it – please don’t be afraid to enter me into the Best Eco/Green Blog or any other categories you feel suit my blog. I would be very grateful indeed πŸ™‚

Best Eco/Green Blog nominate here