The Honest Company spills the beans:”What’s Inside” Disposable Diapers!

Jessica Alba is not only beautiful but she is also smart. Setting up The Honest Company to give herself and her daughters the most natural beauty, baby and cleaning products for all the families needs.
There is a section on The Honest Company website called “What’s Inside”. An in-depth look at the ingredients and the harmful environmental and health benefits of everyday items that are used by millions of consumers and have a huge profitability attached – hence the attraction for corporations!
The everyday items that are put under the What’s Inside Spot Light include:
  1. Disposable Diapers/nappies
  2. All Purpose Cleaners
  3. Baby Bath Products
  4. Health & Wellness
It is refreshing but also quite scary to be able to read exactly What’s Inside Disposable Diapers, and here it is and its not pretty:
Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_01 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_02 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_03 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_04 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_05 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_06 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_07 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_08 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_09 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_10 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_11 Thc-whatsinside-diapers-new_12
Image from The Honest Company website and is not my own. You can check all the fabulous other ‘What’s Inside’ images on The Honest Company Here.

Industries and Companies need to lead by example!

snaps wrapper 10p snaps wrapper 96

SNAPS plastic wrapper buried since 1996 and not a scratch on it. 17 YEARS of being buried in my front yard. Highlighting the fact that industry needs to take account of the product and wrapper IT produces and IT sends to landfill because people cannot recycle them?! Taking care of the earth is a joint effort and people in power need to lead by example…

It really infuriates me when Industries have the upper hand, spending millions on marketing and shelf placement, making the shopping experience like going to a brain wash warehouse! Because of all of this our kids annoy us to high heaven to purchase these brands, we do so because we don’t want to feel like – bad parents! Even though my gut is always right about the food I give my child. My gut – speaking metaphorically, but also quite literally – can cut through the marketing BS.

But, what I cannot handle is when, the packaging our food and other items are packed in is NOT RECYCLABLE. How is this possible?

I always wanted to do a scientific experiment, to show how PLASTIC does not break down. It will always be on the planet. It might break up into tiny pieces but it will never be GONE. This weekend, my husband and I did some major gardening. In the front garden hedge, we found a range of rubbish, including about 20 glass vodka bottles! But, the interesting thing for me was the buried plastic wrappers. I have highlighted the word buried because, these are the same conditions the wrapper would have been exposed to in a landfill situation. And after 17 years it still looks brand spanking new – minus the dirt and bugs of course!

The thing that people forget is nature deals with building up and breaking down. It is cyclical. There is nothing a. natural about this plastic packaging and b. it can NEVER be broken down. Industries will fob you off stating things like:

Q. Are Huggies Baby Wipes biodegradable?

A. All Huggies Baby Wipes will begin to breakdown over a long period of time.

This is NOT TRUE because they answer their own question here:

Q. What are Huggies Baby Wipes made from?

A. A stretchy non-woven fabric called Coform. Coform is made from a combination of microscopic and continuous plastic fibres and wood pulp (cellulose) fibres that provide gentle care to baby’s skin.

Yes they begin to break down as they contain wood pulp but the key thing that Huggies cleverly evade is that the baby wipe will NEVER break down because it contains, and I quote “microscopic and continuous plastic fibers”.

I constantly see baby wipes left on beaches, forests and area’s where kids get mucky. But, people do not realize baby wipes are essentially plastic and they will get into the ecosystems, ingested by animals and will NEVER break down.

So, until industries start to take notice that their product ends up in landfill or back into the ecosystem BECAUSE of their decisions. Yes, as the consumer we do not need to purchase the product, but it would be a whole lot easier if we could purchase products safe in the knowledge that the packaging and product was recyclable and kind to the planet.

I would like to make a call to world industries and companies to produce products that are easy to recycle and show that you actually care about the human race – because at the moment industries are mass producing products that will end up “wiping” us all out – pardon the pun, but it just had to be done!

The Nappy Decision – “Cloth” or “Disposable”??


When I became pregnant on my first baby over 4 years ago now – without hesitation I decided I wanted to use cloth nappies! At the time I was living in a basement apartment that didn’t have great washing line facilities and I knew one of the main things for cloth nappies was the benefit of wind drying otherwise the benefits of using them in the first place would be greatly reduced if I had to go down the tumble drier route.

With statistics such as in the UK alone each year there are over 3 BILLION nappies ending up in ladfill taking between 50-100 years to breakdown – never decomposing just getting broken down into smaller bits! Scary thought isn’t it, and the length of time is longer when you wrap the nappies in non biodegradable plastic bags.

When I did go about having a look at cloth nappies I got a sample from a company called – Little Comfort – they made nappies from bamboo. All I can remember is the negative reactions from everyone that I suggested it to – it was so extraordinary that people had such an aversion to something so simple and environmentally friendly. Well I have made up my mind that if I have another, and please God I will,  I definitely will be using the cloth version without doubt – I have my washing line in place and even in the 4 years since I researched the quality and advancement in the cloth nappies has been amazing.

I am starting My Waste Free Home next Monday 1st of July where all my waste will be processed on-site/at my home sending nothing to landfill, using a Hot composter and a Pet Pooh Loo. For the mums who are interested in the concept of My Waste Free Home but would struggle with the problem of disposing of lots of dirty nappies on a weekly basis, cloth nappies would solve all of these problems. It may sound crazy but one of my favourite green companies in the world – TerraCycle actually have developed the method of recycling disposable nappies!! Check out more about it here.

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