Phone Directories – Why waste the tree please opt out today!

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Yes I was hyperventilating this week, when I received my very large pack of items that I will NEVER use – the phone directory for my area and the golden pages. Tightly packed into plastic to keep the thousands that are dropped outside homes and might never even make it in the door. The packs also contain needless amounts of advertising – No I don’t want a new car insurance policy or SKY – I already have both and I can sort myself out thanks!!

But, then behind an advert lay a “Very Important” letter. Yes it actually was important as it contained the information needed to ‘opt out’ and no longer receive this useless piece of information. I would have thought it made more sense to send just one letter to each home in Ireland stating you have to opt in to receive a directory or even collect one from your local post office. I know the majority of people who will still rely on a directory will be the over 60’s and I appreciate that, but even then most 60 year old’s I know can use the computer aptly.

So I thought I would get going in my opt outed-ness and I logged onto I thought it would be as simple as entering my address but no I had to create an account!!! So I did and it really wasn’t that bad I just kept thinking of the tree’s I would be saving.

Also apparently the reason we all receive a phone directory is to do with a European Communities Regulation 2003 to do with the Electronic Communications Networks and Services – bizarre to say the least?!

The Honest Company spills the beans:”What’s Inside” All-Purpose Cleaners

I have fallen in love with The Honest Company and of course its founder Jessica Alba. There is a section on their website called “What’s Inside” it gets tough and scientific and the contents of several every day consumer products. I will be bringing you blogs on each of the items, as I feel this information needs to be shared and understood – we are after all, consumers… but with the right information and education we can all become consumers that can protect our selves and our families. Let’s face it large corporations are in it for the $$$$$$$.

So this blog is all about All-Purpose Cleaners:

On the Hunt for an Eco Wellington…


photo-60So my trusty pink polka dot wellies have sprung a leak so I decided to go shopping for an ECO welly alternative (ps this spell check is very annoying as I have already spelt willies on a number of occasions!)

The following are the brands that I have wished and or lusted after for quite some time e-hem (Hunter) or have found through my research on the search for the ECO Wellington!

I really feel that despite the vast array of wellingtons on the market cheap ones and not so cheap ones you have to keep in mind the qualities that are important to you when purchasing a pair. I know I am in the minority when I view the environment as one of my top priorities when shopping but this is just who I am. I was programmed this way and I hope to God being green is on the list to get into heaven because if it is – I am free rolling!




For me the following qualities are a must:

  1. How Eco friendly the product and the manufacturing processes are
  2. How far does the company go to do their bit – this is a very important quality to me!
  3. How comfortable the product is
  4. How much are they – I will always pay extra for a product that is made well and will last
  5. The Customer Service the company offers – do they care about the person buying their product? Chances are if they don’t they don’t care about much more.

1. kamik – A Canadian company that manufactures locally in Canada. kamik do the most impressive range of boots that are not only recyclable once they reach the end of their lives but they are made from RubberHe 

The Rubber is kamik’s very own made-in Canada innovation. It is an interesting read and I am impressed with the lengths the company processes are centered around being as environmentally friendly as possible. Reusing water within the manufacturing processes and using only recycled water to cool machines etc. I am impressed the only down side is I have yet to find a stockiest in Ireland, but they deliver to the UK.

It seems I have found my ECO Wellington after all 🙂

2. Hunter – I have been in love with these boots for some time and thought it would be Hunter all the way for the next pair.  “Outstanding in Every Field” – Not really, more so the Fashion Stakes! There is not much on their website about their environmental policies or any recycling programs they offer and after lots of persistence via email and Facebook I got some answers!

Do they have a recycling program for the boots for the customer to send after their life time – No they do not. Also since the manufacturing was moved from their birth place Edinburgh to China it is evident from their Facebook pages and also bloggers that the quality has dropped considerably. What was once a life time product is now lasting a few years at max. They do get all of the sample boots collected from their UK offices and sent to ‘waste to energy process’ which feeds the national grid rather than landfill.

They also have Restricted Substance Standards and Guidelines. “We manage a programme to collect information from our suppliers on components, chemicals, supply routes, and test results on a seasonal basis, and we also manage a structured testing programme to ensure compliance with our standards” My only worries here is that they are not open for public viewing so I have been informed this is what Hunter are doing and that is brilliant but I have no idea what the standards and guidelines mean. And also what boundaries are Hunter pushing to make their product more eco friendly as well as a fashion item?

3. Aigle Boots  Produced in France for a 150 years, using natural rubber and each boot is produced by hand. The boots are really smart and look like a pair that would stand the test of time!  Could also be in the running to become the next ECO Wellington!

This post has really got me thinking and I would like to research the Wellington market a little more. I know from my research into my book The Soother Cycle If each child under the age of 4 in the UK alone recycled their soother then a whopping 40 double decker bus loads of soothers would be recycled and saved from landfill. Can you imagine the number of wellingtons that each child in the UK alone uses. Those growing feet need lots of wellingtons and if there was a brand that allowed a trade in on wellingtons for kids wouldn’t that be marvelous and a totally ECO friendly solution. I could start The Wellington Cycle – now there’s an idea!!