Phone Directories – Why waste the tree please opt out today!

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Yes I was hyperventilating this week, when I received my very large pack of items that I will NEVER use – the phone directory for my area and the golden pages. Tightly packed into plastic to keep the thousands that are dropped outside homes and might never even make it in the door. The packs also contain needless amounts of advertising – No I don’t want a new car insurance policy or SKY – I already have both and I can sort myself out thanks!!

But, then behind an advert lay a “Very Important” letter. Yes it actually was important as it contained the information needed to ‘opt out’ and no longer receive this useless piece of information. I would have thought it made more sense to send just one letter to each home in Ireland stating you have to opt in to receive a directory or even collect one from your local post office. I know the majority of people who will still rely on a directory will be the over 60’s and I appreciate that, but even then most 60 year old’s I know can use the computer aptly.

So I thought I would get going in my opt outed-ness and I logged onto I thought it would be as simple as entering my address but no I had to create an account!!! So I did and it really wasn’t that bad I just kept thinking of the tree’s I would be saving.

Also apparently the reason we all receive a phone directory is to do with a European Communities Regulation 2003 to do with the Electronic Communications Networks and Services – bizarre to say the least?!

Delicious Home made Yogurt for your Kids!

Ever find that the really handy yogurts designed for children just contain FAR TOO MUCH SUGAR!!

Well I do and the organic ones that I like I find are just a little on the expensive side so I decided I would cost it out and DIY my very own lovely Raspberry & Apple Greek Yogurt. I love it and Eabha my 3 year old little lovely loves it too!

All you need:

1 large tub of a good Organic Greek Yogurt.

1 Good pot of Jam with high fruit content

3 Sweet Organic Apples

A few teaspoons of Honey.

You can pop these in small tub’s or you can even make them into ice pop’s using a mold. You can also make just apple or just raspberry yogurt or a combo of the two. I keep any pretty tubs I come across as they always come in handy!

Start by stewing your apples. Add in some water but no sugar. Chill once finished and make sure completely cool before adding to the yogurt.

For the Apple & Raspberry Combo Yogurt:

In the pot add in a ratio of 3 tablespoons of yogurt to 1 tablespoon of apple/raspberry. Add in the honey to taste – depending on your taste buds you can add as much or as little of the honey as you like.

You can layer the apple at the bottom then add your yogurt, then the raspberry then the honey. It looks great and tastes even better. Play around with the combo’s and have fun making them…



Fun Questions to ask your child about Nature & Where things come from!

photo-4This one always amuses me no end. I have a three year old daughter and she is the first person to get interrogated about new ideas for books and just general how much children understand about the earth and nature and where do things come from.

So these are the questions Eabha got asked today, she is 3 and these are her answers:

Q. Where do carrots come from?

A. From Rabbits, No Farmers but I’m not a farmer I am a girl!

Q. How do clouds move?

A. Β When the rain comes out they move up in the sky. They are blue, no pink because that’s my favourite colour.

Q. Why do apples have seeds in them?

A. Because apples grow on tree’s and the seeds don’t go in your belly because then you will be sick. And the seeds will grow in your belly.

Try this out, sometimes the answers are pretty funny.