It has been a while!!

photo (75)

It has been a while since my blog has occupied that space in my brain that it used to burst out of. I put it down to a little bit of life take over….you know that thing that happens when you are to busy making plans!! First day at school for Eabha, weddings/holiday in magical Italy, starting a new job etc. and now it is nearly Christmas!!

Since my last blog post back in September, I have given myself all the time needed to figure out the direction of my future. I have struggled to figure out where my talents lie and how I can best use them, how I can stay true to myself and my beliefs as well as bring home the bacon. It is a difficult one but I think I have figured it out. I am currently enrolling in two different courses that I am excited about and will fill my new year with education and focus.

I had a hope that some of my other ventures would succeed but sometimes behind every cloud is a silver lining and failures give way to new beginnings. My mind can also take a break for the constant thinking and my body can take a rest from the waisted drain on my energy levels. I do know that my new path will open new doors and some of my ideas will grow organically without that constant energy drain.

So for now to coincide with my new beginnings I am getting rid of the old and yes buying some things new, the picture above was taken during a recent shopping trip. You can check out my go to website to help with clutter – Becoming MinimalistΒ and see for yourself the power of a good clear out.

It is nearly a new year and I am gearing up to hit the ground running (as well as relaxing) and keep all my balls juggling in 2015!!!