Home-made Blackberry Jam Recipe

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This is my mothers recipe for Blackberry Jam – use it wisely and enjoy the results!!

Pick the fruits of autumn, aka blackberries. I usually rope in the whole family or some willing and able children. Blackberries like sunshine to produce the ripest berries so go for wide open places where brambles grow freely. If you haven’t a clue where to look just ask someone from the area where is good to go blackberry picking, they might send you on a wild goose chase if they are avid pickers to save all those yummy berries for themselves!! 

You will need:

  • Cooking apples for the all important Pectin – pectin is naturally found in apples and is used to thicken the jam
  • Sugar – you can buy sugar especially for jam making (has pectin added) but it is a lot more expensive than regular sugar and all you need is an apple!
  • A deep pot – important as there will be a lot of bubbles and it will get hot so a deep pot like a pressure cooker pot is perfect
  • Potato masher to break down the fruit
  • Clean jam jars or jars that contained sweet stuff rather than savory stuff (can have an after smell) Make sure these have been sterilised or run them through a hot dishwasher cycle. You can pop them in your deep pot with boiling water to sterilise them – prevents your jam spoiling when stored.
  • And of course as many Blackberries as you can pick for FREE!!! 

The simple steps:

  1. Wash your berries well as they can contain some bugs and creepy crawlies
  2. Weigh your berries and weigh out the exact same amount of sugar
  3. Peel and core apples – I usually guesstimate the amount of apples needed eg 1kg of berries will need a cooking apple the size of a large fist ( don’t worry about how many apples they all break down anyway and adds to the flavour)
  4. Put the berries and apples into the pot and simmer on a medium heat, stirring and allowing them to break down. Use a potato masher to give them a good mashing.
  5. Add the sugar and turn up the heat to full
  6. Once the mixture has come to full boil, time it from this point for exactly 15minutes, stir often and keep safe as the jam is similar to molten lava! – once the time is up turn off the heat and leave to cool before putting it into jars.

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