Loom Bands and the Environment :(

So I get that we all have to have fun. I get that kids and parents too like to have all the latest toys that are all the rage. But, what I don’t get is why nobody seems to care about the environmental impacts all these rubber bands are having and going to have on our planet. Shouldn’t we as parents be teaching a different message to our children?

Don’t get me wrong I am not blaming parents or not against having fun. I blame the people who come up with hair brained ideas that put more strain on the environment and use non renewable materials. I remember as a child using the leftovers of telephone wires to make friendship bracelets or wool, now we are leaning more and more towards rubber and plastics that do so much damage to the environment, animals and yes ourselves.

Take these points for example

  • Since the rise of the Loom Band this summer the demand has caused for new rubber plantations to be developed in East Asia. I think the people of East Asia and the world can do without more toxic rubber plantations. Causing loss of habitat for already endangered species, polluting rivers and water sources and creating more hazardous working conditions for people.
  • Children are waring loom bands too tight on limbs – needless to say what the problem is here!
  • Small pets and wild animals are ingesting the looms causing internal blockages etc etc.
  • The looms and all the itty bitty extras ARE NOT RECYCLABLE – in this era can’t we get manufactures to produce toys that are at least recyclable. So the 3million Looms sold worldwide will end up BEING INGESTED by our planet!!
  • What impact would ingesting these bands have on a child’s body? I guarantee babies and toddlers are eating these from floors all around the world.

I do love the excitement and enthusiasmย these bands have created for an age group of children both male and female to the art of weaving. Weaving is essentially what it is. I could never see a 7/8year old boy starting to crochet a bracelet or even wear it. Wouldn’t it be amazing to teach children a craft form like knitting or crocheting using a renewable material, a skill for life?

I think we find ourselves in the crazy world of impressionism and consumerism. If we could only have a think about what we are being forced to buy, the impact it has on our planet and on our children. Some schools have banned them as poorer children feel totally alienated and vulnerable. I do have a loom band and ironically it is green, as green is my favourite colour. The irony lies in the fact that the loom band is so far removed from being eco friendly and all the things associated with being green!!

2 thoughts on “Loom Bands and the Environment :(

  1. Heather

    You’re so right about this. I said the very same thing recently but I just think people in general don’t think about the consequences of these types of fashions / fads. I see so many loom bands spilt on the floor on the street usually when a child has split the pack when opening them. I just keep worrying about birds etc eating them. And then when this fad is over what’s going to happen to all the bands?

  2. Julie

    I do totally agree with you and with Heather. Thanks so much for your message. I keep finding those looms in the streets (and in the grass, everywhere really). Plus the fact that whenever you wear it it get damaged so quickly…

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