Live Below The Line 2014 – Day 4


I am so behind updating these posts from my last two days but will be getting a handle on this over the weekend, so much to happen over the next few weeks with The Less Is More Challenge and it is all very exciting!! #tlimc

Day 4 – Monday March 31st. Today I am getting into the groove of living below the line and have more control over my huge sugar withdraw symptoms. Apparently sugar is more addictive than heroin! Seriously I don’t know if I dreamt that fact but I sure as hell believe it – I could break through a wall for chocolate at certain times of the day.


Breakfast: Porridge with water and dollop of Strawberry Jam. And a pot of tea with milk. (This is always the same 🙂

50g of porridge = €0.04

Strawberry jam = €0.03

Reused Tea Bag = €0.02

Drop of milk = €0.05

Total: €0.14


10am Cup of coffee:

cheap and cheerful coffee 1 tsp = €0.08

Drop of milk = €0.05

Total for the cup of coffee, you could get used to the taste but does the job waking me up = €0.13


Lunch: Two rice cakes with cream cheese

2 x rice cakes = €0.13

2 tsp of cream cheese = €0.20

home grown chives = €0.02

Total €0.35


Dinner: Dandelion salad with tomatoes and red onion!!

As much fresh Dandelion’s as you can pick as far up the ditch as you can get!! =€0.00

4 cherry tomatoes = €0.10

Salt & Pepper = €0.02

1/3 red onion  = €0.10

2 tsp of Dressing = €0.05

Total = €0.27

photo (19)Again Today I couldn’t afford my Afternoon pot of tea 😦 But I had some skin cleansing Nettle tea instead 🙂 which cost nothing!!

Total spend for the day = €1.19


Thank you to all that have kindly donated thus far, some generous people out there!!

If you would like to donate to my Concern fund to buy some animals and follow their journey to help the less fortunate, you can right here. You can also sponsor me personally.

To date we have raised a total of €120 – Thank you all who donated and with your support I hope to reach my target of €200 🙂

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