Live Below the Line 2014 – Day 1


So day 1 Friday March 28th, is done and even though I had to go on a road trip from Wicklow to Cork it was actually OK – nobody was injured or eaten!

Unfortunately my Internet connection is down so I can’t do a proper post until tomorrow morning, but I can let you all know that one tea bag does indeed service 3 cups of tea!!

Food wise I ate porridge and soup but I will say I ate over budget at dinner time – I had a family engagement and to save myself the embarrassment of losing the plot due to lack of food, I did have a very small piece of chicken with my plain rice! But in all honesty it was a piece of chicken thigh which when I do the math probably was OK. What I am going to do just to make myself feel better is add an extra day onto my 5 day Live Below The Line 2014.

There is a link to my Concern page herehere
Where all funds will be greatly appreciated as I am taking charge of all cash raised and buying animals for some needy families. Thank you to those who donated so far – you know who you are and I am very grateful to you…!

One thought on “Live Below the Line 2014 – Day 1

  1. I’m planning on doing this in May (in Australia it runs then for 5 days). I consider food my one real luxury, but i think its important to connect with our food too, and recognise that buying expensive ingredients is a luxury that not everyone has. I just bought 2 medjool dates today (for a recipe) and they cost me $1.10 (about 70p, maybe 80c)! For two dates!!! But I have to say, I do already re-use my teabags at least three times! : p

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