Live Below The Line starts tomorrow!!


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OK – so I am going to be living on €1.19 for the next 5 days! (above is a very bad selfie getting the words in and avoiding the clothes horse!!)

Yep it can be done, and there are 1.2billion people doing the same thing everyday, but for them it is not a choice.

Live Below The Line is a global challenge to highlight the plight of so many living below the line and in impoverished conditions – £1, $1.50, €1.19 is what you have for your food and drink per person per day.


This is my second year of doing Live Below The Line and I think I am the only person in Ireland doing this again. I could be mistaken and correct me if I am, love to hear from another LBL’er. Last year I raised over €360 for Unicef to be sent to the children in Syria. Thank you again so much, to all who donated. This year I am choosing Concern and hope to raise funds to buy some animals – I would welcome a fresh egg or glass of warm milk when I am running on fumes over the 5 days.

Every penny has to be accounted for when living on €1.19. Last year I reused my tea bag to divide out the cost per cup – you would be surprised how many cups you can ‘squeeze’ out of one bag. I also harvested and ate the following (you would never think to, but yes they are yummy!) Sea-weed, nettles, and dandelion leaves. You can check up my escapades last year on my blog here.

I hope to bring you all some stories of how I tried to chew my own hand off, or developed a taste for wall paper!! It is a difficult challenge but each day you complete you become more in touch with humanity and they ways you can adapt and help other people.

I love doing different things to highlight the plight of others and I always change things up and spot light different charities. Not forgetting those on our own shores who face difficult and impoverished conditions. Last Christmas I organised a Christmas morning fun run raising much-needed funds for Simon Community in my home town of Cork. We raised over €300 and the 5 people and 2 dogs who completed the jog through a very peaceful Patrick’s Street had a great time. Simon and I hope to grow this fun run to give those who don’t like the idea of a Christmas morning swim the chance to throw on their trainers and santa hat, where ever they are and what ever time they like to get up and run. On a day where it is not customary to exercise this is the challenge.

If you would like to donate to my fund please feel free to either A) Meet me in person and sign my collection card or B) Log onto My Concern Page and securely donate Here

If you don’t I might just have to EAT you all up, I will be sooooo Hungry!!

2 thoughts on “Live Below The Line starts tomorrow!!

  1. Heather

    Good luck for your LBL challenge for this year. I hope you raise lots of awareness and money for your chosen cause. And I hope you can come up with some creative ideas with your limited food budget.

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