Richard Mosse – The Enclave

richard mosse - the enclave

(Picture from – The Enclave, production still, Trevor Tweeten (cinematographer) shooting Arriflex 16mm camera mounted on Steadicam in South Masisi, Nov 2012.)

Enclave by definition is a portion of territory surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct.

Art is all about expression and interpretation. Art can tell a story through many mediums. Sometimes those stories are evil, horrific and things that I can barely comprehend not to mention having to live through them. When Richard Mosse discovered the beauty that unfolded when a picture was taken using infrared film he wanted to use this to tell a story that would have gone unnoticed through any other form. (Infrared captures the chlorophyll in plants and turns anything green pink, it is not used anymore and was used for military purposes) The tormented history of the Congo is something that we all have heard about in our life, but the truth is, the tragedy and evilness does not stick to us. It fails to resonate, the suffering of a whole country full of people scared and killed on a daily basis, with no hope. Richard Mosse captures images that look pretty and inviting, you stand and look, the picture draws you in, you smile at the pink beauty – then you look closer and the evil appears!

I went to the Royal Hibernian Academy almost three weeks ago to see the exhibition, I have never taken so much from an exhibition. There is a short film as part of the exhibition, it is age sensitive. I could hear the film whilst looking but I was not able to see, my daughter who is four was with me. The sounds were of gun fire, helicopters, a little girl singing, screaming and other terror. The pictures were beautiful, breathtaking, swathed in fluorescent pink of landscapes and people. The sounds were chilling, confusing my mind. How can I look at beauty but hear terror. This is why Mosse has succeeded to tell a story that would have otherwise gone unheard. He photographs people both alive and dead and treats them all with the same respect. I want to know more about the Congo and if there is anything I can do to help these misfortune people ravaged by war.

There is a short vimeo film HERE that interviews Richard Mosse and explains more about The Enclave.

The Enclave is showing for its last day on – Wednesday, 12th of March. So if you can get to see this, it is well worth the visit.

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