Sitting back and smelling the Roses.


I have been gone for a few weeks and sometimes you just gotta sit back and smell the roses. Yes this metaphor is true for my life right now, too much going and doing and not enough relaxing and just being still in the moment – roses are in bloom for so long and you got to enjoy them while they are here. I am talking metaphorically about roses – I know they are long gone, but the rose can be anything. Perhaps it is my daughter growing up so fast and heading to school next September, sometimes I just have to let her give me a lesson in how to not take life so seriously! My dogs that absolutely LOVE spending time with me and sometimes I forgot how good it feels just to stroke their heads and absorb some of that positive energy that just pours out of a dog, they have been scientifically proved to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

I took two weeks off doing everything, except ALL those everyday chores that a mother needs to do when working from home, then my internet was down and the midterm was upon me. I have enjoyed the break, my mind is not as “busy” as it was and I now see clearer in my direction forward both in my personal and career journey. It is a good feeling and I would urge anyone to find that clarity and just for a while “sit back and smell the roses” the old sayings are the best!!!

This picture was taken at Tucked Away Cottage in The Yorkshire Dales – an amazing B&B with spectacular English country gardens.


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