Project Tree House – Stage 1

photo (56)

For my entire childhood I have wanted a Tree House, somewhere to call home. My Dad, who is very capable of building one, didn’t commit as he is the type to obsess over safety – anyone who knows my Dad is probably laughing right now! The thoughts of young children climbing ladders and being up high with ropes would have given my Dad many years of sleepless nights. Instead, when I was young, I used my Dad’s shed as my place to get away. This actually worked out well for me, as the lessons learnt about carpentry and nail driving, screwing and salvaging were useful when I decided to build my daughter a Tree House.

The reason why I have called this post ‘Project Tree House’ and have put it into stages is to make it more achievable to you. It is, and always will be an ongoing project, and will evolve with the child and when I have spare time to work on it.

I first thought about buying a complete swing set and tree house combo. This thought didn’t last long, as the prices are extortionate and the lure of constructing a tree house out of left overs, making it with all the love in the world appealed more. So what I did was, go on the internet and learned about what was available and the different models out there. I had a vision in my head about what I wanted to do for Eabha, it was a deconstructed Pirate ship with a flag pole, the tree house being the ships bridge, and a sandpit underneath to bury the treasure!

It doesn’t always have to be the pirate ship as there are some clever idea’s I have up my sleeve to make this area any child’s dream. I love to tap into a child’s imagination so my sewing machine will be involved, creating an area that can be a pink girly castle or a stage to perform. I will give you all the info with pictures once I have the time and the finished product. But, above all, I want to get parents actively hand making things instead of shop buying you get a whole different level of satisfaction and your children will light up like Christmas!

So stage 1 for my tree house was:

  1. Mark out (use twine and sticks to see scale) the section of your garden you want to give over to a child’s play area. You will need to take off the top soil and depending on the size purchase bark mulch in bulk which will act as the cushion to break any falls.
  2. Track down a pallet or two for constructing the tree house. I used the pallet in which our sandstone patio paving came in. It could be a good thing to call into a landscaping yard to see what they can give you. It is amazing how friendly people are when you ask nicely!
  3. Buy 4 fencing posts and you will need some cement to make these secure.
  4. Visit your local chandlery (shop that sells sailing and boat stuff) for some rope and bolts and hooks to make the flag pole and the barrier for the entrance.
  5. Any flag will work on the flag pole you may have to sew some hooks. What my Dad did was, took the cotton handle of one of those really high quality bags, made two loops and sewed on a loop at each end of the flag. Then you can attach it to the rope of the mast. I will do a separate blog on this as it needs to be explained better.

Here is a picture of the initial stage of the tree house:

photo (55)

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