The Seal and The Shot Gun…


This summer while on holiday in county Cork, Ireland. I had the joy of watching a seal that was resident just inside the harbor. I think it was a he, as he was quite large, but I could be mistaken! He was so nimble and agile and it was so lovely to show the children a seal from quite a close range. I grew up in this village and spent each and ever summer here, living just a stone throw away from this very beach. I can never remember a seal living in the bay and so I loved the familiarity his presence brought. The village in itself is a typical fishing village, with lots of different types of fishing, including crab and lobster pots in close to the shore.

When I think of seals, I immediately think of the words, wild, free and fish. They are able to master the hazards of the sea and triumph. They have lots of predators in the wild that they can do their best to outrun and outwit but one predator they seem to be defenceless against, time and time again is MAN.

I was recently so saddened to learn that this very seal had been found washed up on the same beach with a shot-gun wound to the head……He is DEAD.

I cannot speak of my sadness, but all I can say is not only am I sad that he is dead and left to rot, but also the way of the world that we now find ourselves in, is so out of touch with the earth and nature. I always look to the Native American people for inspiration as they were masters at sustainability and being with one with nature. They killed only the buffalo they needed to survive and ate in season. Until, men with guns came and shot all the buffalo for sport and left them to rot.

Seals are wild creatures that feed on shell-fish and fish, they cannot change this as they are wild and their natural habitat is the sea. I completely understand the need to fish and make a living for fishermen all over Ireland. Fishing is big business with huge money to be made. But, when fishermen fish with the intensity that they do there will not only be no fish in time but are we going to allow all the wildlife that threat the fishing industry to be killed? Also the fishing industry is so industrialised it is unsustainable – they actually dump fish or risk being fined. Whats natural about fishing with quotas? What about the natural food chain? Are we going to affect this to the point of alteration? Will we keep killing animals until they are extinct and we have to go to the zoo to observe them?

The alarm bells are going off, we cannot keep going at the pace we are going. We cannot have the core of everything we believe to come back to MONEY. There is a natural order for a scientific reason. Animals are killed by other animals, but eaten for survival nothing more, not shot and left to rot for interfering with MAN and man’s need to earn money. It makes me sad to be a human and fearful for those who believe in reincarnation!!

There is a high chance that if you are reincarnated as an animal – man will probably kill you in your animal form for sport, kill you to throw you in landfill (1/3 of all food is wasted), or kill you to make money!!

More bad news here:

Check out the great work the Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary do to save seals in Ireland. This gorgeous picture of the seal above comes from the sanctuary. Next time I am in Dingle I will be sure to pay a visit.

Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuaryย 

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