A Drop of Blood all in time for the Bram Stoker Festival.

photo (52)

The Bram Stoker Festival takes place the weekend of – 26th to 28th of October.The three-day festival will peel back the layers of the city to reveal Stoker’s Dublin. Prepare for a weekend for all the family with walking tours through the lane-ways and hidden steps of the Victorian macabre aspect of the city; literary workshops exploring horror writing with award winning authors for both teens and adults; Stoker-themed theatre, lively discussions on all things vampire, and a highlight being an evening of spooky spectacle from renowned street theatre company Spraoi in the majestic surroundings of Dublin Castle.

To celebrate this fab and spooky festival and highlighting Dracula’s love of Blood. I have pulled out one fab book that I picked up for my little girl in my local charity shop when she was really young but I just knew it would come in handy some day. The book first published in 1968 by Adam & Charles Black – London,  with the fitting title ‘A Drop of Blood’ written by Paul Showers and illustrated by Don Madden. It is from a series of Let’s Read And Find Out which covered a wide range of scientific subjects in a very clear manor for children to understand. My daughter is not yet 4 and she was recently asking about what was inside her arm and why when she cut her knee red “stuff” came out, so I thought it was time to read this lovely book.

The illustrations are great, the story is really simple, yet scientific. I even brushed up on my biology myself!

photo (54)

It gives insight into what makes up blood, how scabs form and what they are for, and how the circulatory system works.

photo (53)

The book has been reprinted and re-illustrated with a more Vampire theme you can purchase it on Amazon Here. But, I must say, I really loved the classic illustrations compared to the new vamped up style. At the end of the day they both teach a really great lesson about what is inside ‘A Drop of Blood’

adropofblood new illustration

Another review was by Curious Pages Here.

Enjoy the book and be sure and check out the Bram Stoker Festival, looks like a lot of educational fun for Halloween. Baawww Haaa Haaa!

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