I have made it to the Finals for The Blog Awards Ireland 2013…Yippie!


Yes, I have made it to the finals of The Blog Awards Ireland 2013. I was short listed for a few categories but made it to the final under the Best Science / Education Blog. I need to get a little greener for next year to make it into the Eco/Green category LOL., but I feel totally privileged to have made it to any category at all, even after only one year of blogging.

The Science / Education category is very strong and to be honest I haven’t a snow balls hope in hell of winning, but what it has done is made me concentrate even more on where my direction should be. I was a bit confused how I made it to this category and not the Eco/Green category, but I am sure the reasons will become clear to me. My goal is to educate the world that we can all make a difference in caring for our planet, and it can actually be a very pleasurable experience in doing so. I also want to become a really great children’s author in writing about Environmental Responsibility and getting children interested in the earth from a young age. So, I suppose, that is the educational aspect covered. I am also an earth scientist, so that is the science bit covered too!!

It is funny how things happen, but only on Monday I was walking the beach and I was thinking about another children’s book that explains about how science is pretty much everywhere. It was the waves breaking on the beach that made me think of this. Actually it is pretty hard core scientific stuff that goes into the process of what seems to be a simple wave breaking!

I always say that people are not to blame on the most part for a lack of urgency for the earths welfare, but it needs to come from the top down. It is education that will get people back into the swing of things again, and I hope to be at the fore front – educating the world about the Earth, the Environment and how to live with a positive, responsible attitude towards it. We all don’t need to become radicals, but just a little bit more conscious that the earth is also a living thing that needs a caring bunch living on her! Not some reckless teenagers (sorry teenagers you are not all reckless) – it’s time the responsible parents (sorry parents you are not all responsible) came home to stop the wild party…LOL but I hope you get what I mean πŸ™‚

Wishing all the finalists the very best of luck πŸ™‚

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