My Vintage Duck Egg Blue Sewing Machine.

photo (38)

My sewing machine is very special – it was won by my Nana Buckley many years ago at a raffle. I had a special bond with my Nan, she lived next door and we sat next to each other at the dinner table. She was a very special lady who was just that a lady. Nan loved her bit of lipstick, two cigarettes a day, to say the rosary everyday and she was a great at praying till the cows came home when you were sitting exams – I still believe she was responsible for my degree!

So each time I sit down and tackle my latest sewing project I can feel my Nan sitting next to me. Well I recently got it fixed and serviced and I have completed two projects in the mean time.

1. A half curtain for my main bathroom (I stole this idea from my aunt Eleanor – sorry El but imitation is the nearest form of flattery)












2. A Birthday cushion for a special little girl Lillie.

photo (37)

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