Mother & Daughter Bonding – Kooky time!

photo (34)

Eabha has recently started a new crèche as some of you recently read, and she is still getting used to the ‘newness’ of the experience. Each morning she want’s me to stay and “mind me” but obviously I have to go and do my jobs that couldn’t possibly get done with a busy 3.5year old glued to my hip. I have been taking care to reassure Eabha that I will be back to collect her everyday and trying to spend a little QT with her and make her adjust a little easier.

And then I met Sophie Morris – the lovely and bubbly creator of Kooky Dough. A pre made Kooky Dough, pretty much what it says on the tin! You can purchase a box of Kooky Dough in the chilled isle of Tesco, Spar, Superquinn and a few other stores around Ireland . And in the UK you can pick these up in Waitrose. Check out here for more stockists.

Eabha LOVES cookies, baking and sweet things. So the marriage of cookies, STOPPPING and take time out of the daily grind to spend TIME with my little girl – who is showing signs already of growing up and giving her that QT that I spoke about was a perfect match.

And also the process of cooking the kookies appealed to me so much more than just opening a packet of them.

Needless to say we both enjoyed the experience and the end result was even more enjoyable. I didn’t even have to wash-up, perfect. Warm cookies, a glass of milk, a cup of tea and CBeebies was just what the doctor ordered after a busy morning of crèche.

Thanks Sophie xx

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