Big Yellow Taxi – A very cool song with meaning!

joni mitchell

I love songs that are not only catchy but also send a message, even better when it is an environmental one!

My old time favourite is Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell written in 1970 after visiting Hawaii for the first time. Joni got a ‘big yellow taxi’ to the hotel and there was this amazing view of green mountains from the hotel room and when she looked down there was a parking lot as far as the eye could see.

Watch the video on YouTube Here.

4 thoughts on “Big Yellow Taxi – A very cool song with meaning!

  1. I always used to think the lyrics to this were “you crave paradise, you put up a parking lot” rather than “pave”. I just thought she was being ironic, and I actually think it works just as well. Too many people are disconnected with how their daily lives and decisions and choices affect others and the wider environment. For example, working for a mining company and buying a big four-wheel drive with your salary so you can drive to your second home in the country so you can appreciate nature. At least, that seems to be what happens in western Australia… : (

    1. I hear you! Far too many people are disconnected – but that is what inspired me to start blogging to try get people to tune into the earth again. It is a vicious circle and most people are not to blame there are too many pressures, work life takes over, the government doesn’t help neither does consumerism. We all need to SLOW down and smell the roses!!

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