Saving urban tree’s from strangulation!

tree ties

I have a huge problem and I need all of my green following friends to help me save urban tree’s from silent strangulation. When a young tree is planted – mostly by local county councils, government agencies, landscapers in estate common ground etc. – they are tied to posts using a rubber tree tie. The problem is – nobody comes back to loosen these tree ties and the tree effectively grows around this tie, consuming the rubber band and deforming the trunk!! It is a very sad sight to see.

You can help save these tree’s by just acting. Simple as it may seem but just loosen the tie or if the tree is no longer at the mercy of the wind and is well established then the tie can be cut off and even recycled…If everyone looks out for these tree’s they will not be subjected to this needless occurrence.

You can always wear your green cape and goggles – you might just be a green super hero for a day πŸ™‚

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