So I had a half head of white cabbage in the fridge and I was looking to use it up. Hey presto less than 7mins later I created the yummiest, freshest and cost effective coleslaw EVER!

It’s all about the crunch of the cabbage and the sweet wetness of the carrot, also the key for me is seasoning, plenty of pepper and salt.

To make;
First finely shred a half head of white cabbage – I used sweetheart cabbage and add as much as you want but the ratio of cabbage to carrot is about 3:1

Peel and grate one carrot.

Finely cut a red onion. Add a good dollop of mayonnaise and season to taste.

You will never have a boring sandwich again with this baby! And get in the last of the BBQ’s as summer is slipping away fast.