“Goodies” they should be called “Baddies”

good vs bad food

My little girl changed crèche recently in an effort to be more local and find some play friends before she starts school next year. It is going really well and the crèche is so lovely with a view of the DART ever half hour – this is such a novelty, which by next week, I am sure will be quite a normality. One big change is the making up a lunch every morning, which is nearly raided by the time 9 o’clock comes. She LOVES her lunch box and the fuss of packing it into her school bag. The crèche has a no junk food policy – which is excellent as I am a mean mom when it comes to junk food. This leads me onto my initial question of who in their right mind coined the phrase “Goodies” referring to the array of junk food with little or zero nutritional value. Should these band of junk foods be called “Baddies” – well I have taken matters into my own hands and called them just that.

Summer is a disaster for keeping a reign on junk food – Eabha got into a bad habit of eating ice pops every day and packing a lunch for the beach but insisting on eating all the junk first. And then on the beach, most mums will bring ample supplies of “baddies” to share and of course Miss Lewis will gobble them all up.

Each time Eabha asks for jellies or ice pop – which is quite often, I now stick to my guns and the rules are:

  1. You can only have 2 Baddies a day! An ice pop is one option in our house but the jelly jar rule is you have two hands so just 2 jellies from the jar please 🙂
  2. Sugary juices are a No No and it is amazing when children are offered water they will in fact be happy with it. If they are thirsty they will drink it.
  3. I make Cookies and Banana Bread which is a healthy option for a “Goodie” option
  4. I explain that Bad food contains a LOT of sugar which eats the white on your teeth leading to trips to the dentist 😦
  5. Digestive biscuits/Rice Cakes with Nutella or Peanut Butter is a favourite.
  6. Shopping is a mine field as it can lead to Bad food over load but stick to your guns.
  7. Hot cereal going to school to put fire in their bellies – Weetabix or Porridge are my top two.

I am sure you all remember the sheer excitement going to birthday parties as a child, as Bad food was not as intense as it is now. Kids don’t have this type of excitement any more it was all about the food back then now it is all about the party bags and the cool stuff that is given out. More pressure for parents! It is scary the amount of children obese and not only eating junk, but also getting a very bad food education. Can you imagine what these kids will be serving up to their children. It is a great injustice we are doing to our children and grandchildren for that matter. Manufacturers have a huge part to play and I don’t know how they sleep at night – but they will only produce a product if there is a demand. So yes it comes back to the individual house hold and you can say NO to the Baddies. It would also make my life a lot easier as it is very difficult to reign a 3-year-old away from junk food when she feels everyone else is eating it. So, there are moments when I cave in, but on the whole I try to stay true to myself and by saying NO to Bad food I believe it is in the future that this hard – and hard being the optimum word – work will pay off. And here are the reasons why:

  1. Not only do I save lots of money in my shopping Bad food can be expensive.
  2. Healthy child – save on doctor, dentist etc
  3. Giving my child a good food education – you may not think it, but yes you are responsible for putting the type of food that your child will serve to your grandchildren – so make it a good food education!
  4. Less instances for obesity or other underlying causes that increased intake of sugar can bring – these also include hormone problems, concentration and behavioural problems – the list is quite long and in my opinion not yet fully understood as this is a new problem. There are also lots of other nasty refined foods in junk that go below the radar and are not fully understood.
  5. We can put pressure back on the bad food manufacturers by just not purchasing. They will produce the food that the masses will buy – lets buy the Goodies and leave the Baddies.
  6. The environmental impacts to Bad food are massive and the list will explode if I delve any further so I will leave it right there.

2 thoughts on ““Goodies” they should be called “Baddies”

  1. So true! It’s really sad that all this rubbish that has no nutrition whatsoever and is bad bad bad for us is also labelled as a “treat”! Hardly! How is feeding anyone a mixture of sugar, preservatives and additives -empty calories – a treat?!

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