Dermot O’Neill’s Secret Garden

I have always been interested in gardening. As a teenager I grew shallots, lettuce and drank Nettle tea. As a child, I was responsible for the family hens and family pets. It was an area I knew I would eventually have a very fruitful relationship – pardon the pun!

My husband and I bought our first family home one year ago this month. The gardens were as unkept as the house! BUT, we saw the potential in both areas and when we bought it we really knew it would turn out just as we visualised. Well, we are a year in and we have really worked hard and learnt so much and yes, finally things are starting to take shape. My husband took some Youtube tutorials and created an amazing patio and raised bed in the front – YouTube is full of amazing tutorials, don’t be afraid to get DIY’ing.

One person I have to thank for getting my gardens up and running is Dermot O’Neill. Dermot’s Β TV show – My Secret Garden. The show is easy to watch, very informative and the amount of tips you pick up are great… I am even planning on getting some Hen’s from the rescue centre in Wexford for Christmas!!

Gardening is hard work but so rewarding and once you strip your garden back and sculpt it into your personal space you can sit back and enjoy it πŸ™‚

Watch on RTE’s Realtime Player HERE

And you can also purchase Dermot’s Book – My Secret Garden – putting it on my Christmas wish list (a little early I know, but never too early for a hint hint!!)

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