Tesco Club Cards – a little scary how they sell off your data!!

Yes I have a club card and I love getting the coupons and money off vouchers – until recently. I have a problem with really large and aggressive multinationals buying shelving space, marketing intensively and especially if their product or manufacturing affects the environment negatively.

A piece in the Sunday Times – Business Section – 18.08.13 – Pg 5. Titled “Every Little App Helps” scared the wits out of me.

Dunnhumby is the worlds leading customer science company and in essence what they do is analyze your shopping to the point that they “hold tens of billions of snippets of information in its Clubcard members, from addresses and telephone numbers to what brands of aftershave they use.”

“Three years ago Tesco bought out Dunnhumby’s founders for a reputed £93m(€109m) and the analytics firm has since become an even bigger money-spinner. Last year it delivered pre-tax profits of £60m on revenues of £147m. An estimated two thirds of Dunnhumby’s turnover comes form selling information from its Clubcard database to consumer goods companies, such as Unilever and Procter & Gamble.”

So basically, one of UK and Irelands leading retailer – Tesco,  owns one of the worlds leading customer science company – Dunhumby. It sells snippets of your information to key consumer goods companies giving these companies ever increasing knowledge and hold on your shopping, they only want to make it into your basket everytime – making the marketing more intense and we are unaware of the massive part we all play in this cycle.

My Clubcard has been put out to pasture! I love to get something back from Tesco but not at the cost of my personal shopping habits and its not like they are dipping into their pockets giving me my €7 in vouchers – can you imagine how much the likes of Unilever and Procter & Gamble pay them for your personal information even down to the brands of aftershave you use…..!

One thought on “Tesco Club Cards – a little scary how they sell off your data!!

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