Cathy’s Spelt for Health – Yummy and SOOOOO easy breads.

Cathy'c Spelt for Health

My Mother-in-law (Thanks Georgina), recently bought me a present of a bag of Cathy’s Spelt for Health – Multi seed bread, at a farmer’s market.

I cooked it one evening to eat for dinner and WOW, what a great tasting bread, that is easy to prepare and is really good for you. I had it with smoked salmon, and salad and it really was tasty. I would urge anyone who likes Spelt Flour to try it.

The story behind the start of the business is great too – Cathy tells more on RTE here.

The only critique I have, was there is no recycling symbol on the packaging. Now I am presuming that the packaging is recyclable but for My Waste Free Home, I need to know that I can recycle the packaging before I purchase the product. Harsh I know, but it is the only way I will be able to control my goal of dealing with all of my own waste on-site.

Well done Cathy, I will be buying your breads in future, and love the convenience and great taste.


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