keep the planet clean its not uranus

Funny how we forget –  just what a feat it is to spin around on an axis, let rain sleet and snow fall from the skies, have molten rock erupt from the center of the earth and produce beauty beyond compare – I am very attractive!! (ha ha) I mean more like the flora and fauna but when you think about it humans are pretty beautiful too.

But we all seem to forget the massive need to KISS this amazing EARTH’s BUTT more than we do. As a mother she is pretty amazing, don’t you think? And, it’s probably the only butt kissing that will have all positive effects.

Why not take a look at the ways you can make a difference in small steps and check out The Less Is More Challenge Facebook page. Or, check out My Waste Free Home – for ways you can reduce your utility bills and trash you send to landfill.