My Childcare Option – works for us, and is excellent.


If you are living in Ireland you will be aware of the recent really bad press surrounding full-time crèche facilities. I was away when the Prime Time Investigates programme was aired on national TV, thank God I didn’t get to watch it, probably would have had nightmares. But, the reason why I am writing this blog is to highlight the positives and the totally personal choice around every families childcare options and the some times, tear your hair out juggling act that is “family life”.

I come from a stay at home mum of five situation, so full-time childcare was alien to me! My husband was in full-time childcare and had a positive attitude towards it – I must say, I didn’t. I actually couldn’t have thought of anything worse for my child, who was 1year 7months, when I made the decision to go to work part-time and had to find a child care option that worked for us all.

So, I got down to serious business and begun the task of finding my daughter a really good crèche – and that I did. The Park Academy Childcare was our choice because it turned out we knew some one working there and our visit to the crèche totally put my mind at ease. The staff are all so friendly and love children – an obvious trait for someone working with children, or you would think this obvious, but as we found out some facilities don’t hold this trait as paramount! But, it is the extra effort of the entire organisation, from the top down that really make this place special. Eabha is in part-time care so she really has the best of both worlds, the educational aspect of the crèche is superb and her social skills benefited greatly.

Another reason my I like The Park Academy so much is they get the children outside as much as possible – Wellington’s at the ready, with a big emphasis on messy play. They also recently opened a Nature kindergarten on the grounds of Killruddery House – which just so happens to be our most favourite place in the world! Outside cooking, nature trials, and just taking the woodland in is what it is all about – I hope to do another blog on the new Nature kindergarten soon to let you know more, they also do summer camps here so it might interest you.

Eabha is finishing up in The Park Academy soon and I will be said to say good-bye, but such is life, but I know when I need a full or part-time crèche again I will be back with bells on to The Park Academy! I just wish they had a facility for tired parents – suited to our needs entirely, I could do with a bit of messy play and a trip in the party bus 🙂

(Please note this is not an advert for The Park Academy, it is my view entirely. Childcare is a personal and important decision for parents and families and I do not wish to advise anyone on what is best for them or their children.)


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