Has the term Ethical become the new fashion buzz word?


I have begun to think that the term “Ethical” has become a word or concept that some fashion brands have latched onto because their PR department told them so!? With the down turn of the economy, the first thing to go from a persons budget is fashion clothing and accessories – similar to the axing of the marketing department…. And with other trends like upcycling, craft and design and the resurgence of DIY, fashion companies have to do something to stop the loss of foot fall.

The term ‘ethical’ basically means knowing what is right and wrong – well on a more philosophical level, as one persons view of what is right and what is wrong can be totally different. But with ethics it is a broad based view of how your decisions and actions will affect everything else. So when analyzing the history of how ethical fashion companies have been towards other humans, the environment and the profits from fashion – is it any wonder I am pondering just a little to their new found love for ethics?!!

This may seem very negative way of looking at something that can only be positive. Can a not so ethical in the past fashion company, make up for lost time and start to make change? Will fashion companies drop all the buzz words and again laugh all the way to the bank as soon as we are all foolish and loaded again!?? I am still the doubting Thomas in the corner but I do like second chances and I particularly like a change for the better, especially when people and the environment are the key beneficiaries πŸ™‚

I see and compare the brands that have started off with Ethics at the core, giving back in what ever way they can to the large high street chains that have creamed it. Brands like TOMS who give a pair of shoes or glasses to a child for every pair you purchase. The items are also manufactured in a sustainable and ethical process.

What ever way I think My thoughts will be minuscule to the might of the large high street chains, but I am thrilled to see a positive change in what is an industry driven by wants and an insatiable consumer apatite for items they certainly do not need! But, I will also live in hope that my fellow human beings will begin to realize that “less is more” in the fashion department also.

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