Paperless Post

Paperless post


So, I recently had a few invitations for weddings that were sent by Paperless Post – ‘sending the web’s most beautiful invitations and cards’. I thought how clever and environmentally friendly this option is! The only down side I would think if you were sending paperless post to a large wedding guest list you would need to have everyone of the techno age?!

I know first hand how much time, effort and cost goes into the “paper” version of an invitation not alone the raw materials involved in the manufacture. I got married on New Year’s Eve and it is only now 7months on that I am sending out the Thank You cards – they are post cards I will add to save on envelopes. So the next time I want to send out an invitation or a card I will definitely save my time, money and some tree’s along the way and I will call on Paperless Post to send my thoughtful messages or just simply brighten up some ones day.

Happy Birthday

One thought on “Paperless Post

  1. I’ve often thought how wasteful cards, birthdays, valentines day, weddings and even receipts in shops are, E-cards are a step in the right direction, although I heard that Apple are getting rid of receipts in their shops, you give your email address and they email it to you so if you need it, you can print it..but I guess the problem would be people not computer literate or who just don’t trust them.

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