rufus the harris hawk

Pigeons not only poop on your head but they can also stop play at the worlds most prestigious tennis tournament – Wimbledon! So instead of killing them all as there are millions of them around…. Wimbledon has enlisted the help of Rufus the Harris Hawk. Rufus scares the pigeons out of their wits so they will not roost on the roof of center court or disrupt play – it is a brilliant way of showcasing how to keep pests at bay with the help of predators.

Rufus caught my eye when reading the back page of The Sunday Times Magazine – “A life in the day” I like when non chemical, non mechanical methods are used to solve a problem and the use of a hawk is the most environmentally friendly method all round.

Check out more about Avian Environmental here

Rufus also can be contacted on his Twitter Account @RufusTheHawk and Facebook account – he is a celeb bird and I think he is super oh along with Imogen Davis his handler 🙂