Happy Father’s Day all about the LOVE not the STUFF!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s, granddad’s, step dad’s, godfathers, and any other father figures out there. Tomorrow is a day that you all have to take a break and get some recognition for your endeavours.

It really is lovely to get some love especially when you have children, if they are old enough to do something nice all on their own it makes it even more special. Just remember it is about the LOVE not the stuff to buy. You just have to look around the shops to see the crap that is manufactured just to make money and has no real use.

88% of men surveyed said that the best present for Fathers Day would be a holiday from the kids….sorry kids!! Dad in our house got a free pass today to play golf and watch a rugby match which he was delighted with. I also bought a shaving soap and brush that will tie in with My Waste Free HomeΒ – thinking ahead but I like nothing more than practical, needed presents. He will also get a lie in tomorrow on Fathers Day – breakfast in bed will be served with this really lovely, simple, heartwarming list of things about Dad through the eyes of our three year old. Eabha’s crΓ¨che The Park Academy were doing these with the kids on Friday and the simplicity and honesty was better than any gift.

Try it out if you have young children and want a simple loving gift that Dad’s heart-strings everywhere will be pulled πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day all about the LOVE not the STUFF!

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing a mad lib from the kids old enough to write! that would be so cool. I like your idea and remark about all the crap manufactured just to make money! cool post, just passing through but I did enjoy it. Peace and blessings.

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