Happy World Oceans Day

There is always something of nature to celebrate and thankfully they mostly fall in spring summer when we can enjoy the earth the most.

World Oceans Day is today and I hope those of you blessed to live close to sea got to enjoy some fine weather doing something fun.The worlds oceans deserve a day all to themselves they are the worlds largest habitat covering an enormous 71% of the planet!! WOW

But be warned the oceans and their inhabitants are seriously threatened. The Ocean Plastic problem and the deadly effects have become more apparent in recent times. Plastic breaks down in the sea to become so small it is ingested into the food chain – inevitably we will eat this plastic too!! There is now more plastic in the ocean than life. How scary a fact is this?! I urge you all to watch the film Trashed starring Jeremy Irons it really brings to the fore where we now find ourselves and what we have done to our planet.

So next time you find yourself enjoying the sea, sand and surf please take a minute to pray that they will endure the punishment and pressure we have placed on them. Imagine showing your kids a picture of what the oceans used to be when you were young!???


2 thoughts on “Happy World Oceans Day

    1. OMG it feels like we are drowning in an ocean of our own waste! Thanks for sharing this fact. With so many people oblivious, ignorant and just not bothered I fear to think what can be done by the ones trying to make things better – all we can do is TRY but sometimes I feel a little deflated 😦

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