Toothbrushes are made to last FOREVER – even though they are to be replaced every 3mths


When thinking of everyday objects that are necessities you would wonder how much involvement do the manufacturers have in the quest to rid the world of non recyclable, useless, badly designed items?

For me the TOOTHBRUSH pops into mind when thinking of such an item. Like soothers these items are on a whole 100% recyclable but main stream recycling companies will not accept them as they are deemed hard to recycle waste and end up in landfill. A toothbrush is made up of 5 different types of plastics all of which can be recycled.

I have heard that you can send your toothbrush back to the company you bought it from to be recycled but when I googled this it seems to me this can only happen in the states. A company called Preserve makes toothbrushes from yogurt pots and then when the tooth brush is used up you post it back and it is ground down into park benches and the likes.

TerraCycle who are global leaders in recycling hard to recycle waste items do have a collection programme with Colgate called the Colgate Oral Care Brigade  check it out in your county to see if TerraCycle offer this and get collecting.

Do the math: Thats 4 tooth brushes a year per person and we are now living to an average age of 67.2  = thats 268.8 toothbrushes per person.

And with 7 billion of us on the plannet that leaves a heck of a lot of tooth brushes going to land fill.

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