Holidays are fun they restore your batteries for the everyday hustle and bustle. I am currently on holidays even though my air miles have increased my carbon foot print massively!! I do live my life to have a positive impact as much as humanly possible and while on vacation I still go about my daily life with the same green gusto. The first thing I had to find out when arriving at our cute little villa was what way to sort and recycle the waste. We have been recycling daily and in Spain they have these really clever bins sunk into the ground with a metal bin and shoot system for food waste. They smell pretty stinky but it means landfill waste is pretty minimal. Well you would think it would be…!!

I have been horrified each time I have needed to drop off a small amount of rubbish to the waste bin the amount of recycling mixed in is so unbelievable. Do people totally disregard the need to recycle where ever they are in the world, vacation or no vacation??

Should we have a world wide Recycling code where people learn at school how to recycle and reduce their landfill waste no matter where in the world they find themselves?

On world share day I want to share with you all the need to be green regardless of country, relaxed state or other. The world needs us all to do our duty. After all we need clean seas, unspoilt beaches, mountains and lakes otherwise we will no longer be able to enjoy a vacation.

“Scratch the earths back and she will scratch yours!”