The Spanish Fruit & Veg!

I am currently on vacation in Nerja, Spain. The most amazing place, so old school yet you have everything you need to enjoy an amazing, relaxed, gastronomic and beach-life holiday you would ever care for without the over run holiday maker feel and high rises hotels!

The one thing I cannot get over is the value for money the sun brings to a country producing fruit and veg – it’s amazing. Spain can produce all its own fruit hence the quality and price. I come from Ireland where we produce great beef, turnips, potatoes and apples, to name just a few! Not an exotic fruit in sight. We have to pay air miles and VAT onto the amazing variety we have become accustomed to.

Just to put it in perspective in Ireland we do have a local strawberry growing market, but a small container would cost €4. In Spain you can buy a small wooden box full for the same price!!


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