May is definitely my month all right – Woman of the month and Birthday – Yay!


As my favourite month of May winds to a close I have to sit back and reflect on the great things that I have achieved since 2013 began. It all started with a very fabulous wedding to a very special man, who I have great times with. We are just embarking on a journey of discovery about ones self and what makes a marriage tick along nicely. The family life is jammed packed to the brim, you can hardly add more in – yet we all do! More kids, more responsibilities and more of the things that spur you on and get your creative juices going. For me this has to be writing about Environmental Responsibility – it gives me butterflies in my tummy and when ideas come to me I have to have a pen and paper at the ready.

The year also included my Less Is More Challenge something that I decided to do to challenge those in society who have not yet got all green and for whom the earth is just the dirt in the garden! This is by no means their fault entirely, being earthy is like a radio frequency it needs to be tuned in and well, right now it is not a major deal if people don’t regularly tune into the earth and the ways they can do simple things to help out. But alas this is all changing for the better and I cannot wait to be a part of it. With my 10 simple suggestions people will be able to feel positive about doing their green thing and being proud about it. The Less Is More Challenge is to highlight Earth Day – which is April 22nd every year. But I have plans to make this journey one that lasts the year and beyond. I also have to thank all of the brands that jumped on board for the very first Less Is More Challenge, I pulled it together really fast and all of the brands were great lending their names, discounts and freebies. I hope that 2014 will be an even better year with more brands and participants taking part. I can’t wait to do something to highlight the earth and the challenge on the 22nd day of every fourth month – April, August & December!

As May is coming to a close so to is my title as Woman of the Month from Amia Online Magazine. I was totally chuffed and really flattered that I was chosen for this title. It couldn’t have come at a better time as anyone who is self driven knows sometimes you need recognition that you are on the right path – well this article and title sorted me out big style and I was so thrilled and unaware that I had been chosen. Amia Online Magazine is a great read for all those of you who like a good variety of reading in a mag and it is online which makes it easy to get through when in the office or online at your favourite time of day.

It is my birthday on the 28th of May and I will be in Spain to celebrate and totally pull the plug out of my brain – well maybe shut my computer/brain off to 70% capacity. I cannot wait to jog every morning, buy fresh fruit in the local shop, totally detox and eat copious amounts of the most delicious ice-cream I have ever tasted. I can just taste the kinder egg flavoured ice cream now….! Indulge in prawn pill pill and warm crusty bread, drink chilled white wine at lunch time (some times when I am not on mom duties)  and play on the beach each after noon with Eabha.  I hope to  come home fully charged straight into My Waste Free Home mission. Read all about it on the Facebook page here.

Fun times ahead and I am so glad to have been born in May and a proud Gemini!

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