Blogalist – Josephine Yorgason takes 2 top USA vehicles and compares them on Fuel Economy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Audi Q7cheverlet volt

With declining environmental conditions combined with uncomfortably high gas prices, many people have shifted their attention to their trusty vehicles, which are relied upon for everyday and essential tasks. Questions of whether fuel efficient vehicles are worth the extra cost or whether old clunkers deserve retirement and replacement by smaller and environmentally efficient vehicles arise.

When buying a car, luxury SUVs can often seem like the most attractive purchase when compared to the usual small sedan or commonplace roadster, however, more thought should be put into such an influential decision. Besides style, power, and popularity, there are a plethora of factors to consider when purchasing a car. I will raise two points, based on what I believe are the most important factors to consider (other than safety) when comparing that swanky new diesel Audi Q7 to a reliable and efficient plug-in Chevrolet Volt.

  1. Fuel Economy
  2. Greenhouse gas emissionsย 

First on my list is Fuel Economy. This all encompassing term includes tank size, miles per gallon/ liter of gas, annual fuel costs, and cost to fill a single tank with gas.

jy fuel economy

Closely after fuel economy, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by motor vehicles follows. The effect of greenhouse gases on the environment is direct and salient. Rising greenhouse gas emissions that are majorly sourced from motor vehicles explicitly aid in the insulation of heat on the earth. Of the many greenhouse gases that are produced by motor vehicles and natural causes, carbon dioxide is released directly by tailpipes of all vehicles. Various impact scores of the two previous vehicles can be compared in the table below:

jy greenhouse gasses

To conclude, there are various factors of motor vehicles that lead to impacts on the environment. While completely omitting motor vehicles from your everyday use will lead to minimal environmental impact, cars and vehicles are sometimes necessary to carry out everyday tasks. This comparison of a diesel and hybrid vehicle is useful knowledge which will lead to informed choices. These choices can ultimately save consumers thousands of dollars and time spent on the road.



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