trash canOk, so I am going to get you to do a pop quiz about your trash can/bin and I want you to let me know genuinely how many you got right.

  1. What company do you use to collect your waste?
  2. How much do you pay them per month or per lift?
  3. Where do they bring YOUR recycling waste?
  4. Where do they bring YOUR trash can/bin waste?
  5. How much information is available on the company website to explain what happens to YOUR trash/recycling/compost?
  6. Do you know where the company processes the recycling and what countries are the main buyers of recycling waste?
  7. Do you know what all of the recycling symbols mean?
  8. Do you worry about the amount of rubbish you produce?
  9. Do you know what local authority/ government recycling amenities are available in your area?
  10. Would you like to reduce your waste or even better still have a waste FREE home?

There is a method to my madness with these questions. I want to start something to make people more aware of their own bin life cycle that everything we purchase will end up in the trash but this is not a good thing mind. Companies are producing products containing massive amounts of plastic, that not only costs a lot of energy, Co2, Dioxins, to produce & to transport, for a throw away society that has no connection with where it actually goes?

If you could let me know how you get on with these questions pretty please it would help 🙂